Katie Price gives Bunny the most flamboyant bed ever!

What do you give the baby that has everything?

We all know that Katie Price lives life big and brash,

And that’s why we love her so.

So it comes as little surprise that if she loves flamboyant things, then she will also make sure her kids – and even her animals – enjoy the most lavish of items.

You may remember a while back she dressed her horse up in one of the most flamboyant pink get ups we’ve ever seen.

Remember when Katie dressed her horse up like this? (Credit: Instagram)

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Well, now toddler daughter Bunny is about to experience a little of her own Katie flamboyance.

Smiley Bunny will be thrilled by her new bed (Credit: Instagram)

Her moneybags mum has splashed out on a new bed for her.

Of course when we say bed, it’s like no bed you’ve ever seen before.

In fact, it’s a castle, complete with turrets and a slide!

Yep, a castle fit for a princess.

Except it’s not for Princess, it’s for Bunny.

The lucky thing.

Meanwhile, Katie has been hard at work trying to earn a crust for her family.

Last Friday, she released her single I Got You, which admittedly has been met with scoffs.

However, we rather like the track, that was written by ex-X Factor star Craig Colton, and think she doesn’t sound half as bad as some mean folks would suggest.

Katie Price launched her single with its writer Craig Colton mouthing along to the track (Credit: YouTube)

Just days after her single launch at Dstrkt she appeared at London’s G-A-Y to whip her fans in to a frenzy.

And that’s exactly what she did as she prowled onto the stage wearing a rainbow coloured outfit.

Surrounded but four lithe topless dancers and filmed by the TV crew of her upcoming new reality show, Katie gave the track her all and the crowd responded warmly

Katie put on a great show at G-A-Y (Credit: Youtube)

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However, four days after the release the track doesn’t seem to have appeared on iTunes top 200 songs, not that Katie will mind.

She said recently that she doesn’t care if it’s a hit, she’s just enjoying playing out her pop star fantasy,

And fair play to her.

Ignore the critics, Katie, just keep plugging away.