Katie Price gets kicked out of a hotel

Apparently she even chucked a plate at the hotel manager!

It’s not been a great week for Katie Price.

Earlier in the week the sassy glamour gal was accused of being abusive and drunk at EnergySave’s Christmas party.

Now a hotel has ejected her after a row over the loss of more than £100,000 worth of diamonds.

The gobby Loose Women says she believes her prized jewels were stolen at the four-star Lorne Hotel in Glasgow.

But it was hotel staff who called the police after she flew into a mighty rage for not letting her into her room.

She was also accused of verbally abusing the hotel’s staff and even throwing  plates at the manager’s head.

General Manager of the hotel Thom Murphy has confirmed that Katie has claimed that she had lost her jewellery but hadn’t yet received any legal action from the star.

“On the Sunday, the day after she was asked to leave, she called the hotel to claim that she had left £100,000 worth of jewellery in the hotel.

“We checked straight away and called her back. We couldn’t get her back on the phone so we did reply to the email address she had given us to let her know that nothing had been found in the room.

“It was the last we have heard from her. I suspect if she has lost £100,000 worth of jewellery she has not done much to chase it as that was two weeks ago. We have heard nothing since.

“Our housekeeper and manager immediately checked the room — which hadn’t been cleaned yet — and there was nothing there.

“My deputy manager was here, he tried calling her three times — no answer.

“She had given us an email address, so we sent an email to that saying that nothing had been found and we haven’t heard from her since.”