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Katie Price son: Model fears she could lose Harvey ‘at any point’ to coronavirus

He is at high risk of serious complications

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Katie Price fears she could lose son Harvey to COVID-19, it’s been claimed.

Katie, 42, has been caring for Harvey, 18, since the beginning of the first lockdown.

Forced out of his school due to Government restrictions, Harvey has been sheltering at mum Katie’s rented Surrey home.

But the former glamour model is apparently terrified he could contract the disease – and that it could be potentially fatal.

katie price worries about her son harvey getting covid
Katie Price with her son Harvey at a football match (Credit: SplashNews)

Harvey has several serious health conditions

Harvey has Prader-Willi Syndrome, is pre-diabetic, autistic and legally blind. Katie also recently revealed that he is obese at 29 stone.

He is categorised as high risk if he were to test positive for coronavirus.

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A source told New! magazine that Katie is very concerned for her son’s wellbeing.

He also struggles with his weight, so his health is paramount and always on Katie’s mind.

The source said: “Deep down she’s really distressed and upset about the situation.

“She knows how high risk Harvey is, so the hard truth of it is that she’s prepared to lose him at any point.”

harvey price and katie price share a close bond
Katie and Harvey share a close bond (Credit: SplashNews)

Katie Price says she is desperate for son Harvey to lose weight

“He also struggles with his weight, so his health is paramount and always on Katie’s mind,” they added.

Meanwhile Katie recently shared that she’s at a loss at how to help Harvey lose weight.

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She says he is ‘obsessed’ with food and will even get up in the night to eat frozen pizzas.

Katie shared her dilemma with The Sun, explaining: “People say to me: ‘Why don’t you just not let him eat?’ but they don’t understand.

“He’ll smash things or head butt the walls if I say no to him.”

katie price worried harvey will get covid
Katie with Harvey as a young boy (Credit: SplashNews)

She added: “But there is no time to wait, he has to lose weight now.”

She also said she struggles to find clothes that will fit him. And currently depends on just two online shops to clothe her eldest child.

Harvey’s recent hospitalisation

Back in July, Harvey was rushed to hospital, where he spent several days at ICU.

He suffered a high temperature and struggled to breathe.

Fortunately he tested negative to COVID-19, and was able to go home to his mum to recover.

Harvey is Katie’s first and only child with her ex-boyfriend Dwight Yorke.

The former football player is not believed to have seen his son for over a decade.

*ED has contacted Katie Price’s representative for comment.

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