Katie Price fans threaten to unfollow her over latest picture

She's causing controversy again

Katie Price has come under fire yet again for a photo she posted on Instagram.

But this time, it’s not of one of her children, but a picture of herself relaxing in real fur footwear.

Katie published the image with the caption: “Off on a road trip @realfurslides”.

Katie recently revealed she’s got “over 100 animals”, and she is well-known for being an animal lover, with a particular passion for horses.

And knowing this, fans were not impressed at all at her latest slip up – and posted their disgust at her real fox fur slippers.

“Thought you were an animal lover?!? Think you need to look up the definition of that if your going to look hideous in fox fur, [sic]” commented one.

While another added: “REAL FUR wtf such heartless cruelty! hope everyone unfollows to prove a point.”

A third said: “You claim to love and adore animals yet you wear real fur and support animal cruelty, you’re disgusting.”

“You claim to be an animal lover but wear real fur! Absolutely disgusting. Maybe you should educate yourself on how these animals are treated before you support animal cruelty because that exactly what you’re doing! 😡 unfollowed!” said another user.

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It’s not the first time Katie has come under fire for animal cruelty. Last year she posted a picture of herself wearing a racoon fur coat, and prior to that, she was accused of letting her kids treat their pet rabbits “like toys” after posting a video to Instagram.

Katie, who is campaigning against internet trolls who have targeted her son, Harvey, often gets stick for the snaps she posts.

Just yesterday we reported how she uploaded a picture of two-year-old daughter Bunny with lipstick smudged across her lips and chin.

She captioned the pic by saying: “Oh dear I’ve caught Bunny with my make up again.”

But that didn’t stopped internet critics going to town on Katie and the way she’s bringing up her daughter.

“How about you put it out of her reach. Common sense but your blonde so you probably dont have any,” scathed one observer. [sic]

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Katie has yet to comment on the latest controversy over the fur slippers.