Katie Price fans at war over latest controversial Instagram post

The Loose Woman can't seem to avoid trouble in even the most innocent of situations

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Katie Price is no stranger to controversy, especially when it comes to social media. She often posts pictures which lead to a barrage of criticism, whether it’s because of how her children are dressed – or how she is undressed!

While critics accuse her of attention-seeking, the Loose Woman keeps plugging her various product lines, as well as sharing snaps of her children and husband Kieran.

And the mum of five also isn’t afraid to speak her mind and answer the trolls back.

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But the latest controversy Katie has found herself caught up in might be the weirdest one yet – it’s all because of a picture of her FRIDGE.

After the getting food in for the Easter weekend, the 38-year-old posted a picture of her crammed-full fridge on Instagram, stacked with healthy food for the family, with the caption: “Love my weekly shopping.”

Pretty innocent, right? Well, you’d think so. But that simple picture soon led to a tirade of complaints and criticism from her followers, who then started to turn on each other.

Pointing out that Katie had stacked raw meat high up on her fridge shelves, fans were keen to warn her of the food safety dangers – and publicly criticise her.

“This fridge is giving me the fear. Store your food properly!!” said one, while another added: “You need to sort the fridge out – raw meat at the bottom .. too much cross contamination!”

One very serious-sounding fan said: “Check the food standards agency page for info, anyone in the catering industry is taught the basic avoidance food poisoning.”

Another agreed: “It can kill, especially vulnerable people. When you have done a food and hygiene course then maybe you’ll understand.”

And that wasn’t the only criticism people were levelling at Katie. Some said she shouldn’t have shown the picture of her full fridge, when so many people are dealing with poverty.

“Really distasteful showing off a full fridge full of food when a lot of families are struggling and having to use food banks!!!” one wrote.

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Suspecting that the critics weren’t necessarily trying to be helpful, but just having yet another go at Katie, her loyal fans rushed to defend her. And soon there was all out war in the Instagram comments section.

“Omfg she’s a mother not a health inspector! Any excuse to criticise her. Move on, sad little trolls,” said one.

Another added: “How about you spend less time judging someone else and concentrate on your own life!!”

“Some folk need to get out more if you’re worrying about how someone fills their fridge,” pointed out one fan.

Another added: “Cor blimey, you people criticising how she stocks her fridge seriously need to get a life.”

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