katie price at the doctor's

Katie Price divides fans as she visits doctor to investigate her ‘farting problem’

The former glamour model shared details of her visit to social media

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Katie Price has shared details of her trip to a doctor to investigate why she can’t stop farting.

The media personality, 42, took to social media to talk about her apparent incessant farting.

Taking to YouTube, she explained that she hasn’t been able to stop passing gas for months now.

Addressing her viewers, Katie said: “The smell knocks me out, it is disgusting.

katie price at her home
Katie says her farting has gotten out of control (Credit: YouTube)

Why can’t Katie Price stop farting?

“They [doctors] said it could be serious. It could be a health issue.”

After her visit to the doc she said she would have to take laxatives in preparation for an operation the following Monday.

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She explained: “I’m not too happy about this…I will literally be s***ing all day Monday.”

And on the way to the following hospital visit she lamented: “People think farts are funny. But mine are beyond funny now.

“It’s literally like a ferret has gone up there and died.”

katie price with carl woods
Katie’s boyfriend Carl says her farts are ‘horrific’ (Credit: YouTube)

How are Katie’s YouTube viewers reacting?

Partner Carl Woods agreed: “It’s horrific – horrific.”

After returning from her hospital visit she told children Junior, 15, and Princess, 13, her health results.

She explained that she had a biopsy, and needed to collect samples of her breath.

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However, some of her fans were quite disgusted by the video.

One viewer commented: “There’s just some things your kids don’t need to know.”

katie price farting
Katie’s children Princess and Junior appeared embarrassed by their mum’s fart talk (Credit: YouTube)

And another viewer predicted: “Probably be seeing her on the toilet next nothing is private to this woman.”

Whereas another user jibed: “You’re so gross Katie lol!!”

But others commended Katie for tackling a rather embarrassing health issue head on.

One viewer praised: “Kudos for Katie – Don’t be embarrassed to get symptoms checked out especially if they are getting worse.”

Another gushed: “Oh my god I am so glad to see someone talking about farts and how bad they can be like it’s funny but it’s a serious thing!!”

Meanwhile Katie got exasperated at Junior and Princess at one point.

She ranted: “None of you are listening! This is serious. My farting affects all of us. When we are in the house, when we watch TV…”

Junior replied: “You just can’t keep it in.”

And Princess complained: “Whenever my friends are around she just lifts up her leg and farts. It is so weird.”

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