Katie Price ditches her wedding ring as she says “once a cheat, always a cheat!”

What is Katie actually trying to say?

Reports of Katie Price’s marriage being over have been circulating, but she hasn’t yet made any official comment.

However, she has made several remarks today that have got speculation going into overdrive.

In the week in which a newspaper has reported that Katie is on the verge of dumping her husband Kieran Hayler, the glamour girl made a comment that only added more fuel to the rumour mill fire.

Katie Price said she wasn’t wearing her wedding ring (Credit: Instagram)

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During a live Instagram video clip, fans could see her and her style team getting ready for today’s Loose Women.
So far, so run-of-the-mill.

But then, she let out the key words: “I’ve got no wedding rings on,” as she flashed her bum and boobs to her fans.

Later in the video one of her glam squad said Katie was “girlfriend material”.

Looking annoyed she hastily corrected the term.

Katie says she is “wifey” material during an exchange on the video (Credit: Instagram)

“I’m not girlfriend material, I’m wifey material but well, we won’t comment on that,” she teased, no doubt knowing we’d all be curious as to what she meant.

Once on the show, she and the Loose Women were chatting about a survey that had been carried out about if people cheat if the spark in a relationship disappears.

“For me the spark is when you get butterflies, when you are excited to see them, you make plans together, when you are in love you shouldn’t be too complacent, you should always make that effort,” she explained.

“All my relationships have always had that spark. They haven’t ended because there is no spark.

“I have always said I want a happy home, not an eggshell home.

“But I do believe that some women, when they have babies, they are in that baby mode, the men’s life doesn’t change. I think both of you should adapt to it, not just the woman.”

Katie said during a discussion on Loose Women “Once a cheat, always a cheat.” (Credit: ITV)

She then said: “I do believe that many cheaters have sex addictions. I think once a cheat always a cheat.”

Although the look on her face gave the impression she would open up more about what she had just said, Anne Diamond carried on on her own train of thought.

According to the Sun, Katie has told pals that she is planning to end her marriage to Kieran because she still feels she cannot trust him after the time he cheated on her with her friends.

Its been reported that Katie wants out of her marriage to Kieran (Credit: FameFlyNet)

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In spite of all the therapy he had after the flings, it would appear that Katie cannot find it in her heart to move on.

Katie is yet to properly respond to the reports.

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