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Monday 6th July 2020

Katie Price denies wanting more surgery on 'wonky boobs'

Her camp shut down the claims

Katie Price has denied that she is having surgery on her boobs for the 11th time, following her recent surgery in Turkey.

The Sun claimed that Katie is unhappy with her 'uneven' chest, which is said to have been caused by her recent multiple surgeries abroad, because her boobs were still healing after her latest boob job.

However, MailOnline reports that a representative for the star has denied the claims and said they're not true.

A source told The Sun: "After the last boob job, then she was told to have no more surgery and just let them heal naturally. But Katie is always unhappy with her body and wanting to change it - now after this last lot of surgery she’s noticed that one boob is much bigger than the other, like a full cup size.

"She's had so many boob jobs in the past and the surgeons have always warned her to not have anymore procedures but she always ignores it and then ends up with lumpy breasts or infection."

The gossiper then claimed that the mum-of-five, who turned 41 this week, has been warned that she needs around two years off from having more surgery because it could risk her life.

She wants the supposed 'perfect' body (Credit: GTres /

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The source added: "Her surgeon has warned her that she needs two years off surgery, as there's a risk of hypertension. She's been under general anaesthetic way too many times and her blood pressure has rocketed."

Ent Daily has contacted a representative for Katie for comment.

The former glamour model has had a major body overhaul recently.

She flew out to Turkey earlier this month to have a rumoured £4,000 worth of plastic surgery, including liposuction on her stomach, a facelift and a butt lift.

But Katie is always unhappy with her body and wanting to change it.

She's had two facelifts in the past (Credit: Hewitt /

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Katie told fans she is still healing after her procedures but insisted she is happy with her results so far and will have more surgery in the future.

On May 8, she wrote on Instagram: "Ten days since surgery, my face still swollen and already over the moon with my face!

My body still few weeks away from seeing any result but so happy thank you @comfortzonesurgeryofficial can't wait for future procedures ❤️."

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