Katie Price and Carl Woods

Katie Price ‘convinced she’s pregnant with sixth baby after cravings’

Katie recently said she and Carl Woods would like to start a family

Katie Price is reportedly convinced she’s pregnant with her sixth baby, her first with new man Carl Woods.

The mum-of-five, 42, recently said she’d love to start a family with Carl, 31.

According to reports, Katie has been craving ice cream recently and there’s “a chance she could be pregnant”.

katie price wheelchair carl woods
Katie Price is reportedly convinced she’s pregnant with her sixth baby (Credit: SplashNews.com)

Is Katie Price pregnant?

A source told the Mirror: “They’ve already discussed having babies and she even bought ovulation tests to track her cycle, which embarrassingly were found by Princess.

“Katie has been saying for the last few days that she’s craving ice and thinks there’s a chance she could be pregnant.

“Katie says she isn’t getting any younger and still wants lots more children.”

Katie Price's boyfriend Carl Woods
The mum-of-five has been having ice cream cravings (Credit: YouTube)

Meanwhile, Katie’s spokesman told The Sun: “Katie and Carl have made no secret of their plans to start a family, naturally there is great excitement, speculation and momentum around this currently.”

The couple have previously said about potentially having a child together.

Katie and Carl have made no secret of their plans to start a family.

Katie is already a mum to Harvey, 18, Junior, 15, Princess, 13, Jett, seven, and Bunny, six.

Last month, the couple told fans in a YouTube video that they’re “taking steps”.

Katie Price's boyfriend Carl Woods
Carl and Katie spoke about having a baby together (Credit: YouTube)

What did Katie Price and Carl Woods say?

In the YouTube footage, Katie and Carl showcased their latest shopping buys.

They showed off an ovulation kit, pregnancy test, as well as a candle called ‘Wedding Day’.

As Katie held up her ovulation kit, Carl said: “Glad that you got it. It’s actually kind of cute that you got it.”

He then said: “If we’re going to make a baby then we need the ovulation kit. I’m 31 – I’m getting older. You’re 42 – you’re even older.

katie price 2020
Katie already has five children (Credit: YouTube)

“So we need to know, don’t we? I don’t want to be an old dad. Do you want to be an old mum?”

Katie later said she had brought the kit because of ‘discussions’ they’d had off camera.

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Katie added: “For the same reason you said, because of our discussions we’ve had.”

Carl said: “Our discussions about having kids. This is important because if you’re coming to move in, we’re taking steps.”

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