Katie Price caught up in shooting horror

Loose Women panellist was on her way home

Katie Price has tweeted fans to reassure them she’s okay after being caught up in a terror attack at Parliament today.

A man apparently wielding an ‘eight inch’ knife was shot outside Parliament after reportedly charging the gates and stabbing a police officer in what police are calling a “terror attack”.

It was also told how a car mowed down dozens of pedestrians on Westminster Bridge before crashing into the gates outside Parliament.

And Katie has revealed how she was in the car on her way home from the show and was right by Westminster when the attack happened.

At first Katie was unsure what was going on, tweeting her two million followers asking:

“Does anyone know what’s happened on Westminster bridge hell of a lot of police cars ambulance traffic”.

Upon apparently finding out, she took to social media again to confirm she was safe by saying:

“Omg I was right by Westminster when it just happened, like a scene from a film”.

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It must have been really frightening.

Commons Leader David Lidington confirmed to MPs there had been a “serious incident within the estate”.

Police have closed Parliament Square and the surrounding areas while they investigate what’s gone on.

Katie had earlier appeared on Loose Women alongside her mum, Amy.

Amy had opened up about how she hates all the surgery Katie has saying “I can’t bear it, I call her Daffy Duck!”

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Katie also revealed why she broke her year-long booze ban on husband Kieran’s 30th birthday party at the weekend.

“Katie wasn’t there,” she said. “Jordan was there. Jordan’s the naughty one.”