Katie Price blasted for photo of two-year-old daughter in car

The mum-of-five worried her fans on Instagram after posting 'dangerous' photo

Katie Price has received lots of negative comments after posting a video of Bunny.

The black and white snap shows the two-year-old sat in the back of a car with a cheeky expression on her face.

But that’s not what everybody was looking at.

The cute photograph was overshadowed by worried fans (Credit: Instagram)

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Pricey’s following have raised concern after they thought Bunny’s seatbelt wasn’t on properly.

It is unknown whether she was preparing her little one or if she was driving, but one user has said that her car was “quite clearly moving” as they window was blurry.

The first person to notice said: “She’s gorgeous but is she really heavy enough for a standard seat belt car seat? Min 15 kg and 96cm.. she looks too small”.

Katie shares her adorable children Bunny and Jett with husband Kieran Hayler (Credit: Instagram)

Somebody then replied to their comment and wrote: “and its not even on properly over her shoulder 😢”.

“Proper seatbelt??”, a third added.

Another then said that Katie was doing it for attention.

“Car quite clearly moving from blurred window. She’s not stupid – she wants you all to attack and comment it’s bad press and press is press to the pricey!”

The law states that: “You must only use a child car seat if your car’s seat belt has a diagonal strap, unless the seat is either a specifically designed for use with a lap seat belt, or is fitted using ISOFIX anchor points.”

Talking to The Sun, Kevin Clinton from Road Safety at the Royal Society for Prevention of Accidents said: “We can’t tell from the photo [whether Katie is doing anything wrong].

“Children need to be carried in a child car seat that is suitable for their weight and size, and is correctly fitted in the car. It’s extremely important that the seat is securely fastened and that the child is properly secured in the seat. Detailed advice is available at”

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The 38-year-old entrepreneur hasn’t yet commented on the negative remarks from her fans, but there were others that stuck up for her.

“Keyboard warriors. How do you know they are even travelling. The photo may have been taken whilst stationary. You can’t always assume! Am sure they would have ensured her seatbelt was secured once they got moving!”, said one supportive fan.

Another added: “I’m sure Katie is aware of the seat belt and may have told Bunny to put it back on properly which could be why Bunny is sitting with her arms folded and has the cheeky look expression on her face. It doesn’t say whether the car is moving or not either.

“A lot of kids do this and have to be told not to do it but kids still try pushing the boundaries.”

Oh, we can always rely on Pricey to rile up her followers.

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