Katie Price announces she’s leaving Loose Women to save her marriage

Model reveals: "I'm going away with Kieran on a belated honeymoon and to spend time with the kids."

Katie Price has just exclusively revealed to the Loose Women ladies that she is taking some time off to focus on her marriage.

The 38-year-old has had a traumatic few years following her husband Keiran Hayler cheating on her throughout BOTH of her pregnancies with his children.

The former glamour model is taking a month away from the limelight.

“The most traumatic thing was me and Kieran. We had therapy and I thought I was OK,” she said to the Loose Women panellists.

“The past two weeks I’ve been on my book tour and it’s opened up some wounds,” Katie revealed. “It’s been awful. I thought I’d dealt with it. I was numb when it all happened. I’m quite good at putting up a defence. But it’s been torture.”

“I haven’t got any tears to cry. My heart is shattered, it’s broken. We’ve come two and a half years and Kieran is having to re-live it.

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“We are going to see a therapist to reassure us we’re fine,” she adds.

Katie walked in on Kieran cheating on her with the glamour models best friend of 20 years Jane Poutney.

Loose Women has uploaded a photo on Twitter revealing this news.

She then added: “It’s a relief to me to admit I’m not as strong as people think. Enough is enough. I have to let my barriers down.”

“I’m going away with Kieran on a belated honeymoon and to spend time with the kids. I want to help Kieran through this as well. It’s been tough on us both. It’s been turbulent.”

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Katie was supported by Kaye, Nadia and Linda as she made the announcement.

We support you too Pricey!