Katie Price and Princess puppy

Katie Price and daughter Princess emotionally reveal how puppy died after ‘tragic accident’

Rolo died in a "freak accident"

Katie Price and her daughter Princess have revealed how their puppy died.

The pair emotionally addressed their pup Rolo’s tragic death in a YouTube video posted on Friday (July 24).

Katie told viewers that Rolo suffocated when he became caught in a chair.

Katie Price and Princess talk about puppy
Katie Price and her daughter Princess have revealed how their puppy died (Credit: YouTube)

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What did Katie Price say about the puppy?

Katie said: “I was in the other room because we’re going on holiday, packing their suitcase and there was five people in the other room.

I still can’t believe it, I’m still in shock about it.

“People are saying the puppy was left… the puppy wasn’t left at all. And it just got stuck under one of the stairs.”

Princess added: “Bunny [Katie’s younger daughter] was even there playing with him so it wasn’t like he was just left in the room.”

Katie continued: “No we don’t even leave our dogs. I wasn’t in the room and it was absolutely nobody’s fault.

Katie Price and Princess puppy
Katie and Princess said Rolo suffocated (Credit: YouTube)

“It was a freak accident. I still can’t believe it, I’m still in shock about it.

“The vet said it’s really common – small puppies get in small places and suffocate.

“When I found the dog I started compressing his chest.”

Katie said their family is “distraught” and she feels “upset” for Princess.

She added: “I don’t even know why the breeders are now turning on us. Iv’e never said a bad word about them.”

Princess and puppy
Princess said she adored the puppy (Credit: YouTube)

Princess cut in: “If anything, mum actually stood up for them so for them to turn it around is just wrong.”

Katie told viewers: “People shouldn’t blame the breeders, it’s not the breeder’s fault what happened.

“I just think it was inconsiderate of them texting Princess asking questions after I told them. She’s 13 years old.”

Katie said Princess “doted on that dog”.

Earlier this week, Katie hit back at trolls’ comments towards the breeder.

Rolo’s breeder, JRC Bullies, has received nasty comments from trolls after paying tribute to the puppy.


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What did Katie say?

Katie wrote on their Instagram post: “Everyone the tragic death of my daughter’s puppy Rolo is absolutely nothing to do with the breeders.

“Anybody blaming them should be ashamed of themselves. The breeders are absolutely amazing look after all the dogs and puppies at their home.

“It’s amazing clean and professional from day one and an absolutely lovely family.

“So stop trolling them as you are the kind of [people] who need to be on the register for trolling when Harvey’s Law is in place!”

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