Katie Piper praised by fans for sharing HONEST photo of her post-baby body

New mum hailed as role model

Writer and TV presenter Katie Piper has been praised for sharing an open and honest photo of her post-baby body.

Katie welcomed her second daughter, Penelope, in December, with husband Richard Sutton. She announced the arrival with a post to Instagram, captioned “We’ve been blessed with the safe arrival of a baby girl. Our family is now complete 🌸👶🏾”

Katie announced the baby’s arrival in December with an Instagram post (Credit: Instagram)

And now she’s taken to Instagram to show off her post-baby body, in a refreshingly honest shot. She included a caption reassuring her fans that she wasn’t rushing into a weight loss routine this soon after Penelope’s birth.

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“I posted a throw back picture of me yesterday in one of my favourite Floral dresses from @wantthattrend and lots of you commented on what you thought was my post baby body and asked how have Ive lost so much weight,” she wrote.

“I wanted to let you know well I haven’t and it was an old picture! This is me today, healthy, tired but very happy!! I’m not dieting at the moment as I am breast feeding.”

She went on to comment on her determination to have an inclusive Instagram account that didn’t alienated people.

She posted an honest shot of her post-baby body to Instagram (Credit: Instagram)

“We are faced with so many images each day on Instagram some good some bad and I want my page to be a profile that is enjoyed by lots of different people from all walks of life in a positive way.

“So this is me and has been since I gave birth and probably will be for while- elasticated PJ bottoms in the daytime- keeping Belle happy by wearing her favourite Aladdin ones- brill Xmas present from my friend Victoria 💖”

The post comes after Katie shared an old photo, wearing a floral dress and looking forward to spring, which some fans took as current – speculating over how quickly Katie had lost weight following her pregnancy.

The post came after a throw-back shot some of her fans believed was current (Credit: Instagram)

Fans flooded the comments of Katie’s post with support and gratitude for the honestly of her post.

“Best kind of role model there is, keeping it real for all the new mums out there 🤘😚 You look fab and so happy ❤️.x,” one fan responded.

“We need more people like you in the world. Well done. Being happy is what makes us gorgeous x,” said another.

“I love everything about this pic @katiepiper_ 👍 so many other women should take a leaf out of your book & post realistic pics post giving birth , unfiltered, unairbrushed etc don’t actually think I got dressed until at least 3 months after giving birth , well done you for keeping it real 💕🙏,” said another.

Penelope is Katie’s second daughter (Credit: Instagram)

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Penelope is Katie’s second daughter, after Belle, who was born in 2014.

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