Katie Hopkins tells police to solve burglaries rather than enforce lockdown rules

She got a ticking off after going shopping at a garden centre

Former reality TV contestant Katie Hopkins has tried to justify why she broke lockdown rules during the coronavirus pandemic.

The 45-year-old social media character sparked upset when it was revealed she recently went shopping at a garden centre.

She visited Plants Galore in Exeter and claimed gardening was important to help ‘dig for victory’.

“I applaud places like #PlantGalore for defying bureaucrats (with guaranteed salaries & big pensions) using common sense and staying open,” she tweeted.

Katie Hopkins flouted lockdown rules Stay home (Credit: NHS YouTube)

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But ex Apprentice cast member Katie came in for heavy criticism online and also a ticking off from local police.

Devon and Cornwall police urged her to stay at home in a tweet.

We need everyone to work with us to encourage people to stay home, protect the NHS and save lives.

The tweet read: “Hi Katie. Over 30 people have now sadly died of COVID-19 in Devon alone and their families are now living with their tragic loss.

“Now more than ever we need everyone to work with us to encourage people to stay home, protect the NHS and save lives.

Katie Hopkins has taken a swipe at police (Credit: YouTube)

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“As a member of the Devon community, do the right thing and join the community effort to protect each other.”

‘Right to be open’

According to DevonLive, Plants Galore has also come under fire for refusing to close, prompting anger among many locals.

Nonetheless, Katie is still pushing the matter and suggested police investigate burglaries instead.

Speaking to DevonLive, she claimed she thought people should follow government rules.

But she also said Plants Galore had a right to be open because it also sells hardware and pet food.

‘Keen gardener’

Katie said: “If you don’t agree with it being open and you think it’s dangerous then don’t go there. People have forgotten they have an option not to do something.”

She continued: “I’m a keen gardener and I think it’s very key for peoples’ health to go outside and have something to do.”

And taking a swipe at “overexcited” police, she added she was within her rights to buy tomato plants and that small businesses needed to be supported.

Katie said: “I would remind Devon and Cornwall Police that around two thirds of burglaries go unsolved. It would be great if they put as much effort as policing someone buying tomato plants as policing someone who breaks into someone’s home.”

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