Katie Hopkins slated after claiming London is cowed and afraid


Katie Hopkins has – of course – had her say on the London terror attack, and managed to upset a lot of people in the process.

Course she did.

The rent-a-gob appeared on Fox News and decided to tell its viewers that the UK is a nation divided and all the messages of solidarity on social media mean nothing.

She also threw in that foreigners are to blame.

“We are a country that spends so much time tiptoeing around the cultures that join us and not enough time defending the culture they’ve chosen to join,” she said.

“The message is, ‘We will not be cowed by terror. We will stand united.’ But the big news is that’s the message in London – that’s not the message here in the UK.

“People are cowed, people are afraid and people are not united. Great Britain is more disunited, it’s absolutely divided, more than any time in its past.”

“We are, in fact, a nation of ghettos, I think liberals here think multiculturalism means we all die together and that’s not a view that I support.

“All that conflict, all that war, all that tension, that didn’t get left behind, they just brought it here,” she said

“If we imagine we’re united, that’s a lie. All those hashtags, lights, candles, making hearts with your hands – that means nothing. Put that stuff away.”

Fortunately plenty of people stood firm against her views on Twitter, tweeting Fox directly.

One posted: “Hello @FoxNews please do not ask @KTHopkins to report on how British people and Londoners feel. She does not speak for any of us.”

Another added: “@FoxNews @KTHopkins is either lying or is ignorant of facts.

“Londoners at the attack helped each other and the rest of us aren’t scared.”

Comedian Emma Kennedy tweeted: “Hey Londoners, why not spend the day posting pics of you being cowed and afraid.”

James Cleverly MP said: “I’m on a train heading towards Westminster. No one is cowed, afraid or divided. Please stop your stupid attention seeking comments.”