Twitter appalled as Katie Hopkins ‘opens up’ about assault on a bus

It's just one shocking statement after another

We’re not too sure how to take this one…

Katie Hopkins has shared a time when she was assaulted while slating Lily Allen for saying that she has only ever been sexually assaulted by white men.

In her column for the Daily Mail, the former CBB star wrote: “I’ve only ever been sexually assaulted by a bus driver in Indonesia.

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“He managed to take the plunge in my clunge with a grubby thumb as I leaned forward to get on his bus.

“I was almost tempted to email Everyday Sexism until I realised I probably should have worn pants.”

EWWWWWWWWW. (Sorry if you’re eating).

We’re not actually sure whether she’s telling the truth but this isn’t really something that should be taken lightly.

The 41-year-old appeared not to believe Lily’s claims and said: “As sexual barometer of our times, Lily’s foof is the oracle.

“Others might raise the teeny inconvenient truth that she doesn’t appear to have reported these crimes. Or that the majority of violent crimes committed by males in London were committed by black males.

“Or that in Norway 100 per cent of violent street rapes in Oslo were carried out by non-Western immigrants.”

Readers of her column took to Twitter to share their opinions and shockingly, there were a lot of people that took Katie’s side!

One said: “Katie Hopkins is the female version of Trump. Disgusting people.”

Another added: “… there is something deeply wrong with Katie, I think social services should re interview her kids.”


However, some said: “Awesome!! Dont know who gave @lilyallen authority to speak on our behalf!”

Another laughed and called her “Unbelieveably brutal!!”

Katie ended her rant by urging Lily to return to her MySpace days of wearing party dresses and trainers.

Katie then took a swipe at Lily’s visit to migrant children in Calais, before saying she should “focus on doing stuff she is good at. Like … erm … drugs.”

How rude!!

Lily, 31, got into a Twitter spat with English Defence League founder Tommy Robinson and threatened him with legal action after he alleged that she hasn’t reported the sexual assaults to the police.

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She retorted saying that she actually has and added that she would NEVER question anybody who said they had been abused.

Lilz has now blocked him.

Maybe these lot should just delete Twitter altogether?

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