Katie Hopkins’ radio show invaded live on air – by Russell Brand!

Feisty star gets tough on studio gatecrasher!

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It’s not often Katie Hopkins’ feathers are ruffled but, during a live broadcast over the weekend, she was forced to tell off a guest who had invaded her show.

It wasn’t just any guest – it was none other than funnyman Russell Brand, who was due to appear on the show a little later on in the broadcast.

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However, the long-haired larrikin eagerly bounded into the studio, while a caller named Paul was chatting about the recent terror attack in Sweden, and managed to cause on air havoc!

Captured on LBC’s live video feed, Hopkins can be seen trying to get someone’s attention off camera by waving her arms around.

Then as caller Paul continued to speak about the Sweden atrocity, she was forced to cut him off to announce that Russell had entered the studio.

“Paul, I apologise for the interruption,” Hopkins told the caller.

“Russell Brand just came charging into the studio asking if we’re live.”

Addressing Brand, she said: “Russell, darling, speak to the mic. We are live. Sorry, Paul, for this.

“Russell, can you say sorry to Paul for interrupting him? Have some sense of diplomacy and don’t be so rude. Poor Paul was making an important point and you’ve just ruined his moment.”

A grinning Brand said: “Sorry Paul for interrupting you. Hello Paul from Croydon, carry on mate, didn’t mean to interrupt but Katie did actually invite me in…”

When Russell suggested that Hopkins had waved him into the studio, she claimed she’d actually been gesturing for him to wait in the next room until it was his turn.

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She then ordered him to leave the studio, snapping with a slight smirk on her face: “Russell Brand, would you mind leaving my studio and I will deal with you after, you naughty child? We’re going to go to the news whether you like it or not.”

She then asked her producers to “cut Russell Brand’s mic” before joshing, “Russell Brand, out, out with you. Thank you for getting the Tory government into power and goodbye.”

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