Katie Hopkins makes cruel comment about Carrie Fisher’s death

Is anyone even surprised anymore?

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Wow, when you think that Katie Hopkins couldn’t get ANY worse, she surprises us all again.

The former Celebrity Big Brother contestant has infuriated the nation after making disrespectful comments about Carrie Fisher.

The troll took to Twitter, as she always does, and said: “Bloody hell. Please don’t tell me I have to spend my time on radio tomorrow talking about floral tributes and tea candles to #CarrieFisher.”

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Why would you say something like that?

She was complaining about having to cover the story on her LBC radio show.

As expected, her followers were not impressed one little bit.

One angry user wrote: “I pity you and I feel so sorry for your children. God bless them.”

Another hilarious follower tweeted her a photo of Princess Leia with Jabba The Hutt and said: “I bet you’ve never forgiven her for this scene (although I thought you were quite good in it)”


One very angry user also said: “it’s [sic] winds me up that you make Thousands being vile and nasty on tragedies, I follow you because I enjoy people putting you right.”

Katie didn’t actually reply to all of the messages but she later made a dig at people paying tribute to celebrities.

“Newsflash: twitter is not church. If you want to ‘pay your respect’, you will need to get your phoney arse off the sofa.”

Oh be quiet Katie.

Shouldn’t everybody be allowed to acknowledge somebody else’s death?!

The sad news of Carrie Fisher’s death was announced in a statement released on behalf of her daughter Billie Lourd on Tuesday.

It read: “It is with a very deep sadness that Billie Lourd confirms that her beloved mother Carrie Fisher passed away at 8:55am this morning.

“She was loved by the world and she will be missed profoundly. Our entire family thanks you for your thoughts and prayers.”

The Star Wars actress suffered a heart attack on her flight from London to Los Angeles and died two days later.

This morning, it was also revealed that Carrie’s famous mother Debbie Reynolds passed away while planning her daughter’s funeral.

She suffered a stroke and was rushed to a medical centre in Beverly Hills but passed away with the most heartbreaking last words.

Her son Todd Fisher confirmed the news and said: “The last thing she said this morning was that she was very, very sad about losing Carrie and that she would like to be with her again.

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“Fifteen minutes later she suffered a severe stroke.”

He added: ”The only thing we’re taking solace in is that what she wanted to do was take care of her daughter, which is what she did best.”

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