Katie gives Ferne McCann some ‘Price’ advice

The ever eloquent glamour girl really knows how to make Ferne feel better about her sitch

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When your life is collapsing all around you and you don’t know where to turn, what do you do to make things alright?

Pull the duvet over your head and pretend the world doesn’t exist?

Hit the bottle and hope it all goes away?

Or run home to mum so that she can make everything okay?

Well if you’re a celeb, all you need is for Katie Price to give you her solid worldly advice.

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This week, as poor Ferne McCann tries to come to terms with the fact that she is pregnant by a man allegedly responsible for blinding people in a revolting acid attack, Katie has offered her sympathy and her advice

“I wouldn’t like to be in her position I’ll say that,” she told The Sun this week. ” I feel for her.

“But she’s got to look onward and upward, she’s got a baby coming.”

When asked if she thought Ferne would make a good parent, mum of five Katie gave one of her trademark colourful and detailed answers that we reckon every wannabe mum should take note of.

“Anyone can be a good mum, who knows?” she replied, proving that she really is the oracle of motherhood

“I’ve met her a few times and she’s nice.”

Earlier this week Ferne confirmed that she was pregnant and planned to raise her baby alone after she dumped after her 24-year-old boyfriend Arthur went on the run after the acid attack in east London.

According to her reps, the occasional Thos Morning star is so devastated about recent events that she just wants to avoid talking about the situation for the time being.

“She is grateful for the sympathetic way news of her pregnancy has been covered and people’s support and obviously her first concern is for her child’s health,” her aide said.

“Accordingly she does not wish to discuss the pregnancy further given the early stage it is at and the immense strain that Ferne is currently under.

“Nor does she wish to discuss her ex-boyfriend who she does not recognise from the events of the last week.

“Ferne is in no way seeking sympathy for her situation and is determined to do all she can to have a happy and healthy child and face the challenges of being a single parent with all her energy.

“Her thoughts are with the victims of the horrific attack on Easter Monday.”

Meanwhile, it’s believed that Ferne is now considering moving away from Essex.

“She’s seriously considering moving away for a fresh start for the sake of her child,” a pal told a newspaper.

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“It’s been a hell of an ordeal for her and she really needs some space to clear her head and decide what’s for the best.

“She just needs some calm and at the moment everything in Essex would make her think of what happened.”

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