Kate Garraway slammed for ‘supporting Boris Johnson’ over Partygate

It's safe to say viewers were furious with the presenter

Good Morning Britain host Kate Garraway has been slammed by viewers for “supporting Boris Johnson” over Partygate.

The 54-year-old was accused of “supporting” the Prime Minister during a segment on the show this morning (Thursday, January 13).

GMB discuss Boris Johnson and ‘Partygate’

kate garraway, ben shephard, lisa nandy gmb
Kate Garraway and Ben Shephard spoke to MP Lisa Nandy on the show about Boris Johnson and Partygate (Credit: ITV)

It’s been a week fraught with scandal for Prime Minister Boris Johnson. A leaked email revealed that the PM had hosted a boozy party in the Downing Street gardens on May 20, 2020. This was during a time where the rest of the country was in lockdown.

Mr Johnson apologised for the party during a tense session of Prime Minister’s Questions yesterday (Wednesday, January 12). However, many are now calling for him to resign.

On today’s edition of GMB, Kate and her c0-host, Ben Shephard, welcomed the Shadow Housing Secretary for the Labour Party, Lisa Nandy, onto the show.

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“I think he [Johnson] is sorry,” Lisa said, “but he’s sorry that he got caught.

Ms Nandy then went on to say that the fact that he didn’t come clean about “breaking the rules” shows the “level of integrity” that he has.

“He’s just not fit to hold office,” she said.

Kate Garraway ‘defends’ Boris Johnson

kate garraway spoke to lisa nandy gmb
Lisa Nandy MP said Boris Johnson isn’t “fit to hold office” (Credit: ITV)

It was at this point that viewers accused Kate of defending the Prime Minister.

“Lisa, he [Johnson] might though be very useful for you as part of a party that wants to get back into power,” she said.

“If he stays though, isn’t it?” she continued. “Because I know in your heart you’re thinking about the country, but never has Labour for ten years been doing so well in the polls against the Conservatives.”

Ms Nandy didn’t seem to agree with Kate though.

“Look, I’d love to see a Labour government but I care about this country. I live in it,” she said. Ms Nandy then said that she doesn’t want to be in a situation where the Prime Minister has “lied to the country”.

“He’s taking the public for fools and he’s got to go,” she reiterated.

How did viewers react to Kate Garraway’s words?

kate garraway, ben shephard, gmb
Viewers were furious with Kate (Credit: ITV)

GMB viewers were livid with Kate after hearing what she asked Ms Nandy. Many even accused the presenter of defending the Prime Minister in a host of explosive tweets.

“Is Kate Garraway for real? She is supporting Boris and his mates. Unbelievable!” one angry viewer wrote.

@kategarraway defending Boris. Now you know how and why she received an MBE for doing the same as 1000s of Britain’s,” another said. “Her husband lived. Many Brits couldn’t visit to say goodbye to their loved ones.”

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@kategarraway So are you backing @BorisJohnson? Your husband is very unwell and you’re backing this [bleep]…” another raged.

@kategarrawayUnbelievable! What would Derek say about you defending and making excuses for Boris’ indefensible actions?” another asked.

“Considering all Garraway went through with her husband, how can she be so considerate towards the PM,” another tweeted.

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