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Kate Garraway reveals bad luck really does come in threes

She's had a week from hell

Kate Garraway has opened up about a disastrous week – including a health scare, a stolen phone, and a towed car.

The Good Morning Britain presenter returned from holiday only to have everything go wrong at once, and she turned to her co-hosts for comfort.

ITV Kate Garraway Ranvir Singh
Kate opened up about her disastrous week on Good Morning (Credit: ITV)

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Kate opened up on the show this morning, outlining her nightmare week, to the sympathetic ears of co-host Ranvir Singh.

“The holiday was great – the week’s been a bit of a mess,” she said. “On the way back from my holiday my phone got stolen at the airport – and you know what it’s like when your entire life and world is in your phone.”

She took the opportunity to let her mum know she was back from her holiday – claiming her lost phone meant she couldn’t get in touch with her.

Kate used the opportunity to let her mum know she was back (Credit: ITV)

“By the way, mum: I am back,” she said. “Because I still haven’t got hold of my mum! I keep leaving messages for her, and I think she’s calling me back on my phone that doesn’t exist anymore.”

She went on to describe a trip to the hospital that only made the week worse, when her appointment overran.

“I was a bit poorly, ended up going to the hospital this week,” she said. “I was in longer than I thought, knew I was going to have a ticket, I thought ‘please let it not be clamped’ – towed away!

“And because I was in a bit of a state, I was walking round for ages thinking ‘did I not park it there?’

“So I lost the car, my phone, and my health, all in one week!”

ITV Kate Garraway Ranvir Singh
Kate got a sympathetic hug from Ranvir (Credit: ITV)

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But Ranvir showed she’s got support around her – leaning over to give Kate a much-needed hug.

Here’s hoping the next week is a little bit calmer!

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