Viewers question whether Kate Garraway has been drinking on GMB!

She was behaving a little strangely...

Kate Garraway has left a LOT of viewers outraged as they accused her of being ‘under the influence’ on Good Morning Britain.

The morning TV presenter spilled a glass of water which she mopped up with her production notes and fans swarmed to Twitter to share their concerns… and annoyance.

One angry viewer tweeted: “Has Kate been on the Sherry this morning? Spelling drinks, fluffing lines… Party time !!!!”

Joined by co-hosts Ben Shephard and Ranvir Singh, she spilled water on her desk and said: “Oh heck! I’ve just spilled water over the desk. I’m sorry, I’m ever so sorry… Can we get someone in here? I’m gonna get a whole team in here, it’s all going to be fine!”

Oh dear…

Ben also seemed to be in a great mood which made Ranvir say: “Have you been on the gin this morning?… What type of TV are we making this morning?” and she then sniffed his coffee cup.

Another viewer chipped in and said: “@benshephard your going down hill fast working with Kate Garraway she’s the worst presenter ever…

The 49-year-old also seemed to offend a lot of people when she did an interview with the Chief Executive of Network Rail, Mark Carne.

During the conversation, Kate probed him over his pay cheque which led fans to question HER pay.

One user wrote: “@kategarraway you didn’t half appear misinformed during your interview with Mark Carne.”

It didn’t stop there though. Kate also got a lot of scrutiny for her comments made about diabetes.

She made a passing comment regarding a yule log causing diabetes, and Twitter was shortly inundated with hurt comments from sufferers.

“@kategarraway not impressed with ignorant comments about the Yule log and diabetes, my daughter is type 1 and it’s not through food”

Oh Kate, you really need to think before you speak…

Another wrote: “@GMB Kate Garraway. YOU DO NOT GET DIABETES BY EATING CHOCOLATE LOG. GMB I’m disappointed on her lack of knowledge…”

Time for a lovely, long Christmas, Kate.

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