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Kate Garraway reveals doctor’s devastating prediction on husband Derek Draper’s recovery

"I’m sure I must have slumped a bit in the chair," said Kate

Kate Garraway was told devastating news about her husband Derek Draper amid his coronavirus battle.

Derek is now recovering at their family home after spending over a year in hospital battling COVID-19 and the after-effects.

However, in her book The Power of Hope, Good Morning Britain star Kate revealed she was told by Derek’s neurologist, known as Dr W, that “there is very little chance of him making a meaningful recovery”.

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Kate said a doctor couldn’t predict how husband Derek Draper would recover (Credit: SplashNews.com)

What did Kate Garraway say about husband Derek Draper?

Dr W found it hard to predict how well Derek would recover because he had never seen a case like it before.

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In her book, Kate said she asked Dr W: “How long before you know more? Not how long will it take for him to recover, because you don’t know if he can even recover, but how long before you might know more?

“After another long pause, he looked straight at me, then away. ‘Well, Kate’ – the first time he had used my name – ‘I think it’s fair to say if he is still like this after two years we will know there is very little chance of him making any meaningful recovery.'”

Kate Garraway with husband Derek Draper and their children Darcey and Billy
Kate and Derek with their two children (Credit: SplashNews.com)

What else did Kate say?

She explained she was shocked and had been “living by the minute” and trying to “get a handle on where Derek was”.

Kate admitted every time she went to sleep she wondered if “he would still be alive in the morning”.

How could I go on like this for another two years?

The star added: “How could I go on like this for another two years? Worse still, how could Derek be trapped like this for two years? The timescale winded me and I’m sure I must have slumped a bit in the chair.”

Earlier this year, Derek returned home to Kate and their two children – Darcey and Billy – as he receives around-the-clock care.

Kate Garraway husband Derek Draper
Kate said Derek’s communication is ‘minimal’ (Credit: ITV)

Meanwhile, last month, Kate admitted Derek can’t really move and his communication is “minimal”.

Speaking on The Andrew Marr Show, the presenter said: “Look, he’s devastated by Covid.

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“He can’t really move, his communication is very minimal.

“There are moments when there’s up, in those moments you feel you know he’s in there.”

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