Kate Ferdinand speaks about baby son Cree

Kate Ferdinand shares reality of tiredness as new mum to baby son Cree

Who else can relate?!

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Kate Ferdinand has opened up about what it feels like to be a first-time mum to her baby son Cree.

The former TOWIE star turned WAG, 29, has revealed she’s struggling with exhaustion.

Since giving birth to Cree back in December, she now worries if she’ll ever have a good night’s sleep again.

The wife of 42-year-old Rio Ferdinand, joked about her past self-complaining of feeling tired.

Kate Ferdinand latest as she appears on This Morning
Kate Ferdinand is struggling with sleep deprivation with her baby (Credit: ITV)

Taking to Instagram, she shared the following quote: “Some days I want to go back and find the pre-kid me, who thinks she’s ‘so busy’ and ‘so tired.’

“And I want to smack her.”

Kate then captioned the hilarious quip with: “I wish I was as tired now as I thought I was then. Serious question; will I ever sleep again?”

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Former TOWIE star Lydia Bright said she could relate.

The star responded with: “I always say this. Like what on earth did I do with all my spare time.”

Kate Rio Ferdinand
Kate and husband Rio welcomed their first child together in December (Credit: SplashNews)

Meanwhile, dozens of others joked they felt exactly the same as busy mums to young children.

But others offered sound advice on how to get both her and baby a better night’s rest.

One user reassured Kate with: “You absolutely will! It’s sooo hard. Sleep deprivation is the WORST! And never easy to just sleep when they’re sleeping during the day. IF he sleeps during the day??”

In addition, another user shared: “Yes you will. Before long you will look back on the sleepless nights with fondness.

Kate Ferdinand on Instagram Stories
Kate Ferdinand says she’s exhausted (Credit: Instagram)

“Stealing private moments in the middle of the night with my babies is one of my favourite memories.”

Meanwhile over on Instagram Stories, Kate elaborated on just how tired she feels.

She explained: “I know I should be in the shower now because I don’t know the window of sleep.

“But I’m not, I’m just laying in bed thinking about getting in the shower, but when I do get in the shower, it will probably be too late and he will probably wake up screaming.

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“But I’m still lying here. Also guys I’ve braved no filter no make-up.

“My skin isn’t the best, I’ve got melasma on my head, I’ve been up most of the night but do you know what I’ve just realised I have to share the reality.

“We can’t do both, we can be glam and we can be exhausted too.”

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