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Kate Ferdinand reveals skin pigmentation on Instagram as she admits feeling ‘insecure’

Kate opened up about the condition on Instagram

Kate Ferdinand has admitted on Instagram that she has facial pigmentation which leaves her feeling ‘insecure’.

The stunning wife of former footballer Rio Ferdinand shared a bare-faced photo with her Instagram followers as she confessed her insecurity.

Kate, 30, posted the snap and took the opportunity to point out how the sun makes her skin change.

What did Kate Ferdinand say on Instagram?

She wrote: “‘Kate what’s the dark thing above your lip?’

“Me without makeup. For the last few years even with SPF 50 and a hat, as soon as the sun comes out my face looks like a patchwork.”

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Kate then explained that she has always felt under pressure to conform to the unrealistic expectations placed on women and their appearance.

She continued: “I always feel so insecure about it and it really does get me down, I try to cover it at all costs.

“For much of my life I’ve felt like I have to try my best to be perfect, I’m fed up of having crazy unrealistic expectations all of the time.”

Rio Ferdinand in a black suit and grey t-short paired with white trainers and Kate Ferdinand wearing a burgundy crop top, heels and a check shirt around her waist holding hands
Kate with husband Rio (Credit:SplashNews.com)

She then admitted to now doing her best to love herself every day.

She finished: “Although I make it hard for myself sometimes I’m trying my best to love myself as I am.”

What did Kate’s followers say?

Kate was shown floods of support by her doting followers who rushed to praise her for being so ‘brave’.

Former Love Island star Megan Barton-Hanson was among the fans quick to show their love.

Kate Ferdinand on instagram
Kate praised by her followers (Credit: Grant Buchanan / SplashNews.com)

She wrote: “Babe you’re unreal and always have been, since I first saw you on TV, always my fave. I love how open you’re being, so brave. You didn’t have to share this.”

Food blogger Candice Brown also commented admitting she too struggles with pigmentation.

She said: “Yep I have the same you are gorgeous lady.”

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kate ferdinand on instagram
Kate Ferdinand admitted feeling “insecure” about the pigmentation on Instagram (Credit: Andy Barnes / Flynet – SplashNews / SplashNews.com)

And many followers revealed their own personal struggles as they empathised with Kate.

One shared: “I’ve struggled for years with pigmentation too, was so insecure about it, would have people comment on it and no amount of hiding from the sun or sun creams would stop it from appearing. I really felt I was the only one with it.

“I’ve learned to embrace it now and over time it is slowly disappearing. Looking back I wish I hadn’t worried about it so much. Team pigmentation!”

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