Kate Ferdinand addresses anxiety in new social media post

Kate Ferdinand returns to Instagram with gorgeous baby photos as she admits anxiety

Kate needed some time off the grid...

Kate Ferdinand has admitted that sometimes she finds Instagram and social media “all a bit much”.

The glamorous wife of Rio Ferdinand and mum to their eight-month-old son, Cree, hasn’t posted much over the last month.

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But Kate, 30, returned to Instagram with multiple family holiday photos and clips.

The former TOWIE star explained her absence with: “I’ve been pretty quiet on here, sometimes I just find it all a bit much!

“Needed to switch off and enjoy some special time with my favourite people …..”

Kate Ferdinand addresses anxiety in new social media post
Kate Ferdinand addressed her recent Instagram and social media break (Credit: SplashNews)

Her photos reveal plenty of family time with Rio, Cree and her three stepchildren – Tate, Lorenz and Tia.

The snaps shows them enjoying a day out on a yacht, little Cree playing in the sun and him being cradled by his doting mum.

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Fans rushed to thank Kate for posting the intimate family snaps.

One user wrote: “You look lovely. Love your outfit Kate.”

Another user praised: “What a beautiful family you have.”

kate and rio ferdinand
Kate and Rio welcomed their first child together last year (Credit: SplashNews)

Other users sympathised with her need to get off social media.

One said: “Kate you don’t have explain. We all need to step away sometimes. Enjoy your break it’s well deserved.”

And another user chimed in with: “Sometimes time out is needed.”

Kate Ferdinand Instagram relationship

This is not the first time Kate has spoken about experiencing anxiety and feeling overwhelmed.

She even said her anxiety reached an “all time high” when she first welcomed son Cree into the world.

Back in January she wrote on Instagram: “A mix of the new baby, lockdown, kids at home and lack of sleep have well and truly got me.

“I feel like I’m a robot going through the same routine daily, feed baby, wind baby, wait for him to wake and repeat.”

She then went on to add: “I feel so lucky to have just welcomed a beautiful baby boy into the world, some people never get to experience this amazing feeling, but my emotions and anxiety are at an all time high… all my coping mechanisms I’ve learnt over the years to keep my anxiety at bay I can’t utilise.

“A workout, a long walk, some alone time.

“Everything passes, and I know too this soon shall pass, I’m just in it right now.

“This is all new to me as I never normally talk openly with how I’m feeling on here in the present, I always open up when I’m feeling better or it leaves me feeling really vulnerable… but your messages made me feel so much better last time and not alone.

“Now I feel I have a duty to show you the real not so perfect me…. here I am sharing how I’m feeling for anyone else feeling the same, I hope how I’m feeling can give you some comfort that you are also not alone.”

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