Kat Slater WON’T be alone when she returns to EastEnders as familiar faces will be joining her

What about Alfie?

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It was revealed yesterday that Kat Moon (nee Slater) will be making a dramatic return to EastEnders in the new year.

Now it’s been confirmed that she won’t be alone when she comes back to Albert Square.

Kat, played by Jessie Wallace, will be joined by her gran Big Mo (Laila Morse) and aunt Jean Slater (Gillian Wright).

Big Mo played by Laila Morse will return to Albert Square in the New Year with Kat (Jessie Wallace) (Credit: BBC)

As well as reintroducing Big Mo and Jean, who often used to provide some comic relief on the show, exec consultant John Yorke has said there will also be some new characters welcomed into the Slater clan.

“It has been a real joy to find a way to bring them back together and we’re incredibly excited about where we are taking them next.

“It won’t just be familiar Slaters either as there are a couple of twists and characters to add fresh spice to an iconic creation.”

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Kat was last seen on the show in 2016 when she left for Ireland with husband Alfie and their children to search for her long lost son.

Jean has made brief appearances to see her daughter in recent years (Credit: BBC)

What happened to them was revealed in spin-off show Redwater, which ended with a cliffhanger over whether Kat survived a boat crash and Alfie a risky op on a brain tumour.

For now, Shane Richie’s return as Alfie has not been announced, although the actor has said he would jump at the chance if asked.

Jessie meanwhile has said she’s “thrilled” she’ll be returning to the soap, where she has been involved in some of the most memorable plots in the past such as having her baby swapped after a cot death and revealing to Zoe that she’s her mum, not her sister.

Actress Laila said she’s excited to return to the soap (Credit: BBC)

Jessie said: “I am thrilled to be returning to EastEnders next year and knowing what John Yorke has in store for the Slaters is incredibly exciting.

“I love Kat and Walford dearly and I cannot wait to get started – watch out Walford, Kat’s coming home.”

Gillian said she is also “delighted the Slater women are to be reunited once more.”

Her character Jean left for a new life in Brighton after getting married again but has made the odd appearance to visit daughter Stacey Fowler, the only Slater left on the Square in recent years.

Kat and Alfie left for Ireland in 2016 and had spin-off show Redwater but his return has not been confirmed (Credit: BBC)

Laila, whose character Big Mo was famous for sourcing and selling dodgy goods, left in 2016 after son-in-law Charlie Slater died and Kat and Alfie moved to Ireland.

She said: “I’m really excited to be coming back.

“It’s the one question I’m constantly asked. I can’t wait to see everyone and get stuck back into life in Walford.”

Kat was last seen being injured in a boat crash in Redwater and viewers will soon discover what happened to her next (Credit: BBC)

John Yorke first introduced the Slaters to Albert Square when he was in charge in 2000 and show insiders said reuniting them has been one of his top priorities since he took charge again last month.

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He hopes to revive the soap after it has been disappointing fans with dull storylines about bin collections and trailing behind Coronation Street and Emmerdale when it comes to awards.

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