Karen Clifton reveals the truth about her ‘spat’ with Will Young

Did Will walk because of row?

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Strictly beauty Karen Clifton has angrily hit back at reports that Will Young quit the series because of backstage rows between the two of them.

Viewers were left stunned earlier this week when it was announced that the former Pop Idol winner had decided to pull out of the show for ‘personal reasons’.

No sooner was the news out and various rumours began circulating that either he had been upset by Len Goodnma’s tough words on the second live show or that he had felt that he couldn’t compete with the likes of Danny Mac, who on the same show had surprised the judges with some nifty moves.

Later in the week, it was suggested that Will and his partner Karen had had a frosty relationship and that he found her too much of a task master.

But the 34-year old Venezuelan dancer took to Twitter to clear up the rumours once and for all and made it quite clear that her relationship with Will was absolutely hunky dory.

“Shame certain press have to sour what was a great time for me and Will that sadly came to an end.”

Show insiders have revealed that Karen and Will actually got on like a house on fire backstage and that she was absolutely gutted to see Will leave the show so early on because she thought he had what it took to take him to the final.

While Will may no longer be on the show, Karen remains as a group dancer and posted a pic of herself in training, with the comment: “Back to the grind. Stay strong, focused and positive.