Jungle star NOT embarrassed about his sex tape!

Refreshingly not remotely redfaced about his sexy moment of madness.

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OMG! How many celebrity men have been caught out by wicked women luring them out their undies and into a false sense of security recently?

Over the past few weeks, X Factor’s Sam Callahan, The Apprentice’s James Hill, Corrie’s Shayne Ward and rugby lovely Ben Cohen have been left red-faced as historical clips of them performing solo sex acts have emerged.

What is it with these frisky fellas, eh? Can’t they keep it in their pants – or actually keep their pants on?

Don’t they know that fooling around with a webcam and someone not in the room is leaving themselves wide open to danger?

Well, yet another another saucy clip has turned up – and it features one of the stars of I’m A Celeb… Don’t worry folks – it’s not Danny Baker. Phew. It’s actually the much more pleasing-to-the-eye Joel Dommett.

GIFs of the funnyman have appeared online showing him stark naked on a bed and performing some explicit solo sex acts.

Refreshingly the funny man has been pretty open about his embarrassing experience.

In an interview with the BBC a while ago, he revealed that he had been tricked into performing the saucy acts by a girl he had met over Twitter.

“I thought for a second, then immediately typed… ‘Why not?!’.”

He then explained that the woman on the other end of the webcam told him that her microphone had broken, so she’d have to rely instead on visuals – which he agreed to.

“I messaged her afterwards,” he added. “No reply. I messaged her the next day. No reply. I messaged her a week later. No reply.”

“So it turns out I wasn’t having Skype sex at all, instead someone was basically watching me watching porn. Like a perverted Goggle Box.”

Well, Joel, seeing as you appear to have no inhibitions and apparently no shame, make sure you give girls and boys watching I’m A Celeb this year something very exciting  to, er, remember….

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