Jungle Queen on why she’s not ready to be one of Loose Women

Jungle queen says she's not ready yet to join the gals on the LW panel

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When Ant and Dec announced Scarlett Moffatt as the Queen of the jungle, not only did the Geordie lass break down in tears, so too did the rest of the country, happy that a normal funny lass had beaten a load of celebs to win I’m A Celeb.

Her emotional win came three weeks after she entered the jungle and watched the likes of TV favourites such as Larry Lamb and Carol Vorderman get voted out.

After all that time eating nasty stuff, the public chose Scarlett as their jungle star, beating gorgeous Adam Thomas into third place and dashing comic Joel Dommett into second.

After she came out she said: “It doesn’t feel real at all. I have watched the show since i was ten. If I could go back and tell my 10-year-old self… I can put this on my CV!”

She added: “The hardest thing was missing my family. After every trial I just wanted to ring my mum!

Scarlett also said that having got used to doing her business in a hole in the ground, she’s worried that she may forget to flush the toilet.

Now well away from creepy crawlies, Scarlett’s future looks bright and she’ll have to decide what to do next.

And she will be spoilt by choice.

As ED! reported yesterday, TV bods are falling over themselves to get their hands on the sassy lassie and prepared to fork out thousands to turn her into a legit TV star.

But it turns out that Scarlett has ideas of her own.

Not only has she already started thinking about what kind of TV vehicle she wants to be involved in (apparently she’s even started writing a TV show), she knows exactly what she wants to do and with whom.

“The dream would be to work with Ant and Dec,” she said, shortly after exiting the jungle. “I’d go wherever they’d have us.

“The Geordie duo could become a trio. Imagine hanging out with those boys all day and having a laugh. I’d love it.”

Although she’s been constantly compared to last year’s queen Vicky Pattison (er, she’s a woman, she’s from the north east – wow, they’re like twins!), Scarlett says it’s unlikely she’d follow in her predecessor’s footsteps of joining the Loose Women panel.

“I don’t know how I would fit into a show like Loose Women,” the 26 year old admitted. “I don’t even class myself as a woman. I class myself as a young adult, not a woman. If they had Loose Young Adults, I would definitely be up for going on a panel show like that.”

But with lucrative TV offers about to land in her lap, Scarlett says she would be happy to reunite with her mum Betty and dad Mark and return to the show that made her famous in the first place.

“I’m going back,” Scarlett revealed defiantly. “I think they were a bit nervous at first about how people would react, but I really want to go back. I love doing Gogglebox. Me and my family are like The Brady Bunch, so it would be weird if we weren’t filming when we were watching TV now.”

Meanwhile, although the country were thrilled with Scarlett’s win, one fella wasn’t as pleased as punch.

Actor Ryan Thomas was clearly unhappy that his brother came third tweeting: “Not having it!!!! Absolutely gutted!!! Doesn’t make sense!!!”