Judge Rinder insists his show is not fake and he only deals with “authentic cases”

The judge appeared on ITV's This Morning

Judge Rinder appeared on This Morning to talk about the brand new series of Judge Rinder’s Crime Stories today.

When talking about his original ITV show, Judge Rinder, in which he judges cases brought by members of the public, the judge, 38, insisted it is “all real” and he only deals with “authentic cases”.

He also explained that he doesn’t try and make the show funny for TV.

Judge Rinder appeared on the ITV talk show to discuss his new show (Credit: ITV)

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He told hosts Holly and Phil: “I’m not pretending when I’m in that court.

“I really mean it. When I shut the door there is no part of me that cares one jot whether or not this will be funny for telly. I don’t care about that.

“I’m dealing with authentic cases and the other thing about it, I don’t care about people’s background, I don’t care whether they’re frankly clever, fat, thin or whatever, it’s what people do that matters.”

The Judge told Holly and Phil the show only uses “authentic cases” (Credit: ITV)

The new series of Crime Stories is set to see the barrister tackle famous cases including frauds, miscarriages of justice and murders.

The show will investigate crimes with reenactments and interviews with the victims’ families.

Talking about the new series Robert said: “The reality is that when you’re a barrister you’re trained and you’ve got ethical structures, you’ve got to follow the evidence and that’s that.

“You guys as journalists must be affected by the things you see and you build up a degree of immunity to it all. It’s just another case but you’ll be surprised by the things that affect you.”

The show has returned this week starting June 5 and will show five episodes all airing at 2pm on ITV.

The barrister’s brand new show started this week (Credit: ITV)

The ordinary Judge Rinder show continues to entertain and amuse viewers with some of its bizarre cases.

Back in March viewers slammed a pregnant guest over her shameful behaviour.

Lindsay shocked viewers after revealing she was still smoking cigarettes despite being heavily pregnant.

Lindsay appeared on the show after her cousin Katie accused her of not paying back money she borrowed.

Lindsay angered viewers after admitting to smoking while pregnant (Credit: ITV)

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The Judge questioned Lindsay about the money she borrowed saying: “What did you tell them it was for?”

Lindsay replied: “Just food and stuff like that.”

But when asked by the judge “Well what stuff?” viewers were left stunned at what Lindsay revealed.

The pregnant guest said: “Fags and stuff.”

The judge was shocked at Lindsay’s admission (Credit: ITV)

The presenter then asked: “Are you smoking now?”

Lindsay replied: “Yeah.”

Fans of the show were disgusted by her behaviour.

One said: “She ain’t got a clue, poor baby #judgerinder.”

Another wrote: “#JudgeRinder that child clearly needs putting up for adoption the minute it’s born.”

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