Josie Gibson has tummy tuck and rejoices: “I can see my vagina!”

Big Brother star embarrassed by loose skin following weight loss

Our favourite ever Big Brother winner Josie Gibson proudly lost a phenomenal amount of weight after finding fame, dropping from a Size 20 to a Size 10.

But, as she revealed earlier this year on Loose Women, the vast loss left her with unsightly loose skin.

“I have been left with all this skin,” she told the panel.  “The only thing I can do with it is cut it away.

“You only live once you might as well have the body you want to have.”

Now the bubbly blonde has made good on her promise to cut it away, undergoing a tummy tuck to remove the excess flesh.

And we all get to see the procedure as it was filmed for Channel 5’s shock doc Botched Bodies.

She Bristol babe told New! magazine: “I was so nervous, because I was on my own.

“Then I woke up and I looked down and could just see flatness. I was like, ‘Whoa! I can see my vagina in full vision!’”

The 31-year-old added: “I’ve had 6lbs of skin cut away! But I’m probably several pounds heavier than I was because I’ve not done any exercise.

“I was 10 10lbs before the operation and now I’m 11st 5lb. And I reckon I am a big size 12.”

At her heaviest Josie was 241lbs; she now runs her own website Slimmables to help others.

She was advised not to get a tummy tuck if she was planning on having children but decided to take the risk.

She said: “I thought ‘What if I don’t ever have any children?’ They’re not on the menu. It’s like waiting around for a steak when you’re in a vegetarian restaurant.”

We do love a celeb slimmer – they are great inspiration. Check out the impressive weight loss of this lot…

Scarlett Moffatt

The Gogglebox star is a woman transformed – in six months the gorgeous Geordie has shed two stone in six months. The 25-year-old has achieved it through careful but not crazy eating and regular gym sessions. No one could accuse her of being a couch potato now!

Claire Richards

Yes these images are all Claire Richards, or ‘Claire from Steps’ as she was referred to on Celebrity Big Brother. The former pop star has undergone a huge body transformation recently, losing a whopping 84 pounds, as her slim face and defined cheekbones prove. Claire has certainly had her highs and lows when it comes to her weight. But she has come out the other side looking amazing, good for you Claire!

Jonah Hill

Jonah Hill has become something of a yo-yo dieter and fans of the Wolf Of Wall Street star are hoping he can keep the weight off once and for all. He first shed 40 pounds in 2011, claiming slimming down was “a sign of maturity” and it seems the actor may have dropped even more weight this time! Keep up the good work, Jonah!

Melissa McCarthy

The Boss star Melissa McCarthy lost an astounding 75 pounds, and she is looking great! Melissa recently revealed how she did it, and as it turns out all she did was follow the age old advice that every nutritionist, fitness expert and doctor has recommended – keep your diet in check and exercise regularly! She also revealed that the reason she was so successful, was because she goes to bed at 7.30 pm! That sounds awful! But it’s working for you Mel, so you stick at it.

John Goodman

It’s been estimated that John has lost a huge 100 pounds! However he’s not sure on an exact number. He revealed that he was “pushing 400 pounds” when he was at his heaviest, and that he would lose 60 pounds every spring. He is maintaining his weight by “getting a lot of exercise”. Although recently he has admitted he doesn’t think his weight loss will last. Be optimistic John!

Sam Smith

In April 2015, Sam revealed he had lost an amazing 50 pounds – including 14 pounds in just two weeks! It seems his technique is so simple: “I’m just not eating like a pig anymore”. Sam cut gluten, dairy and refined sugar out of his diet completely, he also took on weight training and yoga! Doesn’t he look great for it?

Charlotte Crosby

The ex-Geordie Shore favourite decided to slim down in 2014, and lost 40 pounds in seven months – now that is impressive! She has successfully managed to keep the weight off, and is looking better than ever. She credits her weight loss to following her own work-out plan and now best-selling DVD ‘Charlotte Crosby’s 3 Minute Belly Blitz’. Well done Charl!

Lisa Riley

Actress, Lisa Riley, 39, looks like a new woman after shedding 84 pounds in 10 months. You go girl! She admitted that she used to eat a whole tube of Pringles in one sitting – but all that changed when she appeared on Strictly Come Dancing. She went on a health kick to appear on the show but wanted to take it further, and so gave up alcohol and started exercising regularly, including walking, zumba and yoga.

Ricky Gervais

Funnyman Ricky may be good at creating light humour, but he was quite heavy for the majority of his adult life. Due to the fear of obesity related diseases, he managed to lose 20 pounds and he is looking fine! He says that the secret to his success is a fat-burning workout, and cutting greasy foods out of his diet.

Khloe Kardashian

Khloe Kardashian has definitely experienced some yo-yoing with her unbelievably curvy body, but today she looks more amazing than ever. After being known as the ‘fat Kardashian’, Khloe turned to working out to help her deal with the breakdown of her relationship with Lamar Odom. Since 2012 she has lost a huge 40 pounds thanks to a changed diet and plenty of exercise. She revealed that in a month and a half, she lost 11 pounds just from not eating dairy, and so she has cut it out completely. Now that is dedication!

 Dawn French

It’s no secret that Dawn is proud of her famous curves, but she is practically unrecognisable now. In 2015, she chose to lose weight to swap major surgery for slightly less invasive treatment, following a cancer scare – can you blame her? In total, the 51 year old has lost a staggering 105 pounds! Thankfully Dawn is now in good health, and doesn’t she look amazing?!

Penn Jillette

Magician Penn Jillette lost 105 pounds, without using ANY magic! The 60 year old dropped from 330 pounds to 225 pounds, the old fashioned way, by exercising and changing his eating habits. From December 2014 to March 2015, Penn undertook an extreme low-calorie programme, only consuming 1,000 calories a day. His motivation to shed the pounds was his extremely high blood pressure. To maintain his weight loss, he is following Dr. Fuhrman’s diet – which means no meat, dairy or eggs, no processed grains and no added sugar or salt

Vicky Pattison

Another Geordie Shore star who has completely changed her appearance. Vicky, who is also a Loose Women panellist has lost 42 pounds. Since her heaviest days at 168 pounds, Vicky has dropped to 119 pounds, and reinvented herself as a fitness guru. She has her own fitness DVD plus a range of Mini V nutrition bars. She has admitted that she does give herself days off, where she eats whatever she wants, and even has pizza or a takeaway Sunday or Saturday. Pizza Sunday? Now that’s our kind of girl!

Jennifer Hudson

The singer was famed for her full figure, but with the help of Weight Watchers, Jennifer slimmed down and shaped up, losing 80 pounds in total! Dropping an impressive five dress sizes, she looks amazing! She lost weight the healthy way, through a balanced diet and exercise, and even became the ambassador for Weight Watchers!

James Corden

The British comedian and The Late Late Show host has always battled with his weight throughout his career! By changing his diet and employing a personal trainer he has lost an impressive 85 pounds. Despite using his weight for comedy sketches – such as his diving segment with Tom Daley for Sport Relief – he believes it’s important to look right for his new show.  He admitted his weight loss was inspired by Gary Barlow, who had also shed a bunch of weight.


She once said that she would never lose weight, because someone told her to, but the singer has lost a whopping 50 pounds! She has changed her diet, and is regularly exercising, but refreshingly she has ‘fessed up to finding working out just as difficult as we do – admitting she doesn’t skip to the gym, and hates looking in the mirror. Adele has cut one particular thing out of her diet, tea. She used to drink 10 cups a day, with two sugars each. That’s a lot of tea. And a lot of sugar. Well the change is clearly working, she looks totally amazing!

Chris Pratt

Chris Pratt lost 60 pounds for his role in Guardians Of The Galaxy. Tipping the scales at 294 pounds, the actor confessed his weight loss didn’t just help his career, but his mental health. To lose the weight, Chris worked out a schedule with a trainer that involved intense workouts and a new diet. He also banned booze and cut out carbs! The hard work has certainly paid off as he looks fitter and more toned than ever!

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