Josie Gibson shames ex on Twitter after discovering he’s cheated

The former Big Brother winner thought she'd found "The One" but now says new guy Sam Player is a womanising cheat

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Josie Gibson has taken to Twitter to warn other women away from her “womanising” ex boyfriend.

The former Big Brother winner had only recently started dating welder Sam Player, but had already been gushing that he was “the one”.

The couple met at fitness queen Josie’s local gym in Bristol and the 32-year-old revealed she had never fancied anyone so much.

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But Josie now seems to be nursing heartbreak, after learning that Sam – Player by name etc – had been cheating on her with “multiple” women.

Angrily taking to Twitter, Josie let her feelings be known.

“When you find out you’ve been going out with a complete narcissist and womanising weirdo for 6 weeks,” she fumed. “Sam player you are vile. Outing the (pig emoji).”

She posted another message, showing Sam holding a bunch of red roses, with the angry message: “If you see this man in Bristol girls run a mile.. compulsive liar, womaniser, abusive and violent..”

The message is obviously just Josie’s choice of words and the accusations are unsubstantiated – Sam is yet to comment.

It seems that Josie had found out what her man had been up to when she received messages from another woman, who detailed how Sam had slagged off the reality star to her.

And Josie shared the hurtful What’s App messages with her followers.

“He told me when he first mentioned you… you were a weirdo… that he had to block you for you to leave him alone,” the woman wrote.

“He said you weren’t even all that… all your photos are just airbrushed… you look old and tired in real life… you’re ugly.

“You can’t even make a facial expression because you’ve had too much botox and your boobs are fake and huge scars on your boobs and scar the whole way across your stomach from a tummy tuck… sorry that’s really not nice things to write.”

Josie could then be seen replying: “Your not the first one he’s slagged me off to don’t worry (sic).”

Their new romance had already survived one shock last month, when Josie learned that Sam had a “secret girlfriend” who he was reportedly trying for a baby with. At that point she chose to stand by him, but now it sounds like things are over for good.

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“Josie’s been telling family and friends that Sam had been cheating with multiple women. She is furious that she’s attracted another bad egg,” a friend told The Sun Online.

Sam was Josie’s first serious boyfriend since the end of her on-off four-year relationship with fiancé Luke Sanwo, who also cheated on her. Here’s hoping her luck changes soon…

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