Josie Gibson seeks advice over unwanted pregnancy side-effect

Big Brother star is expecting her first child

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Josie Gibson has asked for her fans’ advice after developing an unwanted pregnancy symptom.

The Big Brother star, who is five months pregnant, has noticed burst blood vessels on her face and has taken to Instagram to ask if this is normal.

She said: “I wanted to point out a few things I’ve had while pregnant and if anyone knows if I can do anything about it. I have a burst blood vessel in my face, here and here (on my cheeks).

Josie took to Instagram to ask for advice at five months pregnant (Credit: Instagram)

“I’m not like ‘I must look perfect all the time’ but it’s enough having all these freckles and I just want to get rid of them.”

In a caption beside the post, she voiced similar sentiments, writing: “Did anyone suffer from burst blood vessels in their face while pregnant? I’d like them to [bleep] off. Anyone know the cure?

“Sorry I know there’s more important things to worry about but they’re [bleeping] me off as I keep thinking they’re spots and get excited for a squeeze.”

The Big Brother star revealed she’s suffering from broken blood vessels on her face (Credit: Instagram)

Many of her followers reassured Josie they are a normal part of pregnancy due to the hormonal changes her body is going through, and they should eventually disappear once her baby is born.

“You’re still gorgeous tho, Josie,” one told her.

“Totally normal in the first six months. Due to higher levels of hormones. Usually disappear after baby is born. Can take a few months though. You look absolutely gorgeous,” said another.

“I had them, will go away after pregnancy,” said a third.

Josie’s fans reassured her broken blood vessels were common in pregnancy (Credit: Instagram)

Josie, 33, announced her pregnancy in Closer magazine last week, saying she and partner Terry are over the moon.

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She said: “We are so excited! I feel so relaxed and calm. Although I think I’m still in shock.

“We left our first scan and I just looked at Terry and said, ‘What have we done?!’ Life is going to change a lot, but we are so happy.”

Josie, pictured in March, revealed last week that she is five months pregnant (Credit: Fameflynet)

Since then, she’s been sharing images from her scans over the last few months on Instagram.

The Bristol-based star revealed they couldn’t find out the sex at their 20-week scan as the baby was in the wrong position for the sonographer to tell.

She wrote beside the ultrasound scan: “Here we are at 20 weeks…. and I just can’t seem to work out if it’s a girl or a boy and neither could the midwifes because… well… he/she is a bendy little bugger!!

She shared her 20 weeks scan on Instagram and asked fans if they could tell if it’s a boy or a girl (Credit: Instagram)

“I jumped around to try and get the baby to get into a comfortable position but it wasn’t happening. Need to go back in two weeks to complete all the checks.

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“I have a feeling that it’s going to have thick thighs just like me… poor thing.”

She then asked her followers: “do you think it’s a boy or a girl?” What do you think? Leave us a comment on our Facebook page @EntertainmentDailyFix and let us know!

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