Josie Gibson

Josie Gibson admits she hasn’t felt sexy since ‘way before’ giving birth to son Reggie

She said 'something gets switched off inside' when you become a mum

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Former Big Brother winner Josie Gibson has revealed she doesn’t want a new man.

And, more than that, has revealed she hasn’t felt sexy since “way before” she had son Reggie, now two.

Speaking exclusively to Entertainment Daily, Josie revealed “something gets switched off inside” when a woman has a baby.

BB's Josie and son Reggie
Josie Gibson doesn’t feel sexy and revealed something ‘switched off inside’ when she had son Reggie (Credit: Splash News)

What did Josie Gibson say about feeling sexy?

Josie has just teamed up with WW on its new Walk to Wellness campaign and revealed she’s lost 10lb since the start of the year.

However, she’s feeling far from sexy, she told ED!.

“I haven’t felt sexy since way before Reg,” she revealed.

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“I think when you have a baby you lose a bit of your sex appeal, don’t you? You obviously still have your sex appeal, but inside it’s like something gets switched off.

I haven’t felt sexy since way before Reg.

“I think whenever I lose a bit of weight I feel a bit sexier, you put on those nice outfits don’t you.

“I’ll get there one day,” she said.

“I don’t feel very sexy right now but I’m getting there. I feel good in my head though,” says the upbeat star.

Josie, who is currently a size 16, says she’d love to get down to a size 12, having previously found she put too much “pressure” on herself to remain a size 8 after losing six stone.

New year, new man?

So once she’s at her happy weight, would she want to meet a new man?

“No. I wouldn’t,” she said, deadpan.

“Only because my son is only two and every spare bit of time that I’ve got I want to spend it with him.

“I’m only doing it the once and I’ve still got a good relationship with his dad so I just want to enjoy my time with my son.

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“If I was in a relationship where there was someone else in my life it would be taking that time away from him,” Josie revealed.

Speaking about her adorable son, Josie revealed it’s actually Reggie who spurred her on to lose weight.

“For me it’s more about catching my son. Reggie is so fast and he’s too fast for me, so it’s about catching up with him really because he’s only going to get faster,” she laughed.

Josie Gibson on red carpet
The star is happily single and doesn’t want a new man (Credit: Splash News)

Josie Gibson on ‘mum guilt’

She also revealed she feels “mum guilt” when she works out, as it means more time away from Reggie.

Josie told us: “I have to work out around him really. I like to work out in the morning but then he’ll want my attention or want a bottle and you feel guilty when you’re not giving him all the attention.

“Obviously he’s only got me here so the hardest part of losing weight is trying to fit it in around a two year old.

“I did go down to a size 8 and it was a lot of working out and I really loved it at the time and I had a real buzz for it, but there’s no way I could fit that amount of working out with Reg now.

“So it’s just about finding that happy medium.”

And happy is something national treasure Josie most certainly is.

“I’ve had a real rollercoaster, but I feel like now I’m at my happiest,” she revealed.

“I got my little stint on This Morning, I got Reg, I know myself and I want to say now I feel really happy.

“I want to be a size 12 but I’m enjoying the journey to get there. And I know I shouldn’t be happy at this time because we’re in a lockdown but I feel really happy.”

Hitting back at trolls who criticise her weight

She’s even upbeat when it comes to tackling trolls on social media.

“I had a tweet the other day and they said: ‘It breaks my heart when I see how big Josie’s got again on TV.’

“And I thought well, there’s a worldwide pandemic, there’s people starving in the world, it’s scary times and my weight gain breaks your heart,” she laughed.

“I think that says a lot more about you than it does me.”

Josie’s energy and enthusiasm is certainly infectious.

And she says following WW’s new Walk to Wellness campaign has helped put her in a positive place when it comes to her mindset.

“I cannot tell you how different I feel for the rest of the day after going out and doing a Walk to Wellness,” she said.

“It is so good not just for your physical health but it’s so good for your mindset.

“We’re all in it together when we’re Walking for Wellness, everybody jumps online and you feel like a different person when you go out for a walk, it sets you in such a good mood for the day.”

WW is launching Walk To Wellness, a free initiative to bring the nation together virtually for regular twice weekly walks in the company of a celebrity, including Josie. To find out more about joining a walk every Tuesday and Thursday at 1pm, visit the website here or visit @WW.UK on Instagram.

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