Josie Cunningham gives birth to fourth child

What happened to the live feed?

Controversial mum Josie Cunningham – who made headlines last year when she aborted a child at 12 weeks for a nose job – had planned to post a live feed of her giving birth via streaming app Periscope.

Unfortunately, it all went wrong.

The 25 year old went into early labour, and was in so much pain she threw her phone against the wall.

Josie has given birth to her fourth kid

A friend of Josie’s told The Sun: “Josie went into labour in the early hours of the morning.

“She was convinced she was going to be late with this pregnancy as she showed no signs, but her waters broke unexpectedly.

“Josie was in agony, she threw her phone against the wall and broke it.

“Luckily she had a friend with her who got her to the hospital – but no one else knew she was in labour until the following morning.”

Josie had an abortion so she could have a nose job

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Apparently Josie – who shot to fame by bragging about her breast enlargement on the NHS – is delighted to have had a girl and can’t wait to spoil her.

The source continued: “She’s had a baby girl and she’s beautiful.

“Being a mum is what gives Josie the most pleasure in life and having four children on her own is definitely keeping her occupied.

“Josie may have made a lot of mistakes, but she’s without a doubt a fantastic mother.

“Every penny she has earned has been spent on her children. She knows she’ll have a lot of stuff to explain when they get older, but she also knows they’ll have a lot of memories from the experience she’s been able to provide them as a result of her controversy.”

She shot to fame for a boob job she had on the NHS

At one stage, the wannabe model shocked readers by telling the world she wanted to abort her third child to appear on Big Brother.

She then went on to tell the Loose Women panel that she aborted another baby so that she could go ahead with a planned nose job.

This plan however fell through, and so Josie got pregnant again.

As you do.

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Josie has been branded ‘The Most Hated Woman in Britain’

She told the hosts: “I deeply regret going against my own morals and having a termination.

“I’m disgusted with myself.

“But on the up, I’m absolutely over the moon. I couldn’t be more prepared now for this baby.”

We are quite relieved that Josie’s live feed plan failed, or her kids would have to live with her mum’s bits being all over the internet.

Phew, even we don’t want to see that!