Josie Cunningham dedicates sleeve tattoo to the baby she aborted

The controversial mum-of-four says having an abortion was the "biggest mistake"

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Fame-hungry showbiz wannabe Josie Cunningham has revealed a new tattoo sleeve – which is, she claims, a tribute to the baby she aborted.

The glamour model terminated her pregnancy in 2015, in favour of getting a nose job, after surgeons warned she would not be able to get the procedure done while expecting.

The controversial mother-of-four shot to fame when she had breast augmentation on the NHS and became the woman with the most “famous boobs in Britain.”

In 2014, the 26-year-old hit headlines when she announced plans to have an abortion so she could become a housemate in that summer’s Big Brother.

At this point in time, the desperate young woman had gained a certain notoriety after getting a breast augmentation, paid for by the NHS.

She had become a public figure of hate for boasting about having the “most famous boobs in Britain” after taking from the financially stretch public service.

She did a U-turn on the proposed termination in 2014. But critics were appalled when she chose cosmetic surgery over her unborn child the following year.

Josie now claims that this abortion was her “biggest mistake” and that she is using her body as a “shrine” to her unborn child with a tattoo sleeve.

The mum-of-four has posed for a set of black-and-white photographs to show off her new inking.

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A ‘close friend’ explained: “Josie has openly admitted that she regrets her abortion, it’s the biggest mistake of her life and something she talks about openly.

“She has had so much abuse over talking about her abortion U-turn in 2014 and the abortion she went through with in 2015 – she believes that it’s a subject that needs to be talked about more and takes the insults on the chin in the hope others won’t make the same mistakes as she did.

“She refers to her sleeve tattoo as her ‘shrine’ to her unborn baby; many people bury their shame and try to forget about the decision to terminate their child – but Josie believes it’s something she will never forget, it’s like she’s punishing herself.”

The sleeve is said to include dates and poignant quotes, as well as a cherub.

One of the quotes says: “Forget what hurt you in the past, never forget what it taught you.”

A Twitter user shared his thoughts on the matter and called her a “disgusting woman.”

Earlier this month,  Josie appeared on This Morning to talk to Ruth Langsford and Eamonn Holmes about her new relationship with a 65-year-old sugar daddy.

She told the shocked presenters: “I’ve three sugar daddies at the moment, the eldest is 65.

“I just get nice gifts in exchange for company, phone call conversations, I might take the 65-year-old the odd bit of baking here and there.”

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It was then revealed that he splashed out around £10,000 on her, buying a Swarovski watch, flat-screen TVs, and even beds for her home.

“If I mention something I like, then the money or gift just appears in my bank,” she added.

“I have the most controversial boobs in the country. Of course they are going to come at a premium rate.”