Jools Oliver slammed for ‘putting her baby in danger’

Mum-of-five told to do her research!

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Jools Oliver has come under fire for carrying her son River in a baby carrier that many have claimed offers “poor support”.

Hubbie chef Jamie uploaded a sweet snap of Jools and their son to his Instagram to celebrate her birthday.

Writing: “Happy Birthday Mrs Oliver !! 👍  42 today girl !! Jeeze where did all that time go since we first met, Hope you had a great day babe, love you and of course the dude that is River 🚀 Oliver. Xxx”

The sweet message was quickly overlooked as the picture became flooded with critical comments about how Jools was carrying River.

Many commenting on the pic claimed that she was “putting her baby in danger” and that it can “damage his hips”.

One wrote: “Happy birthday. But please never use that carrier again.

“It’s not ergonomic for the child and can cause hip dysplasia. Use a carrier that support from knee to knee.”

An ergonomic carrier is designed for the baby’s development and growth, ensuring that there is less strain on the baby’s spine.

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Another added: “Please do your research or ask your physio; narrow-based carriers are not only dangerous but also uncomfortable for baby.”

Charity The National Childbirth Trust also says on its website: “Carrying a young baby facing out is not recommended, as it forces your baby’s back straight against your chest, and causes their legs to dangle in a harness like position.

“This can mean the baby’s weight rests on his crotch rather than being spread from his bottom and thighs.

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“This type of sling also places your baby too low, with their head at mid-chest level. The design of this type of carrier and the low position of the baby are not always comfortable for the carrying adult either.

Similarly, reckons they should not be used.

They said: “Very difficult to achieve proper positioning in an outward facing carry.

“It is also difficult for an overstimulated infant to seek security or fall asleep safely when worn outward facing.

“Outward facing carries also put unnecessary strain on the wearer’s back as baby is dangling from the body instead of snug against the wearer’s center of gravity.”

Despite the negative reaction, some disagreed with the comments.

Childcare expert Clare Byam-Cook said: “If it was known to be bad for baby’s hips then, quite simply, it wouldn’t be on sale.

“The Olivers can afford to buy the best equipment and I’m sure they wouldn’t risk their baby’s health.”

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