Amber Heard looks emotional and Johnny Depp looks concerned

Johnny Depp accused of ‘laughing’ in court by Amber Heard’s lawyer during closing arguments

Final day of Depp v Heard trial included shocking statements

The sensational Johnny Depp and Amber Heard trial in the US drew to a close yesterday (Friday May 27).

The six-week long trial has included shocking allegations against Hollywood stars Johnny, 58, and Amber, 36, made by both sides.

But their respective lawyers’ closing arguments saw the bombshell accusations continue to hail down.

Johnny Depp looks down
Johnny Depp was married to Amber Heard for two years (Credit: Sky News YouTube)

Johnny Depp lawyers on Amber Heard

Among them, Mr Depp’s lawyer Camile Vasquez claimed his ex wife was an “abuser”, not her client.

Ms Vasquez also played audio recordings to the jury of what she says is Ms Heard “admitting to being physically violent with” the Pirates of the Caribbean actor.

Furthermore, Ms Vasquez suggested Ms Heard “spun a story of horror” about allegations Mr Depp penetrated her with a bottle and threw bottles at her during a trip to Australia in 2015.

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The lawyer said Ms Heard took no pictures of herself or her alleged injuries after the alleged incident. She added Ms Heard’s testimony “doesn’t add up”.

“There was a monster in that house in Australia, but it wasn’t Mr Depp. It was Ms Heard,” Ms Vasquez said.

Additionally Mr Depp’s lawyer Benjamin Chew listed his former partners and insisted no woman has ever claimed he was violent towards them.

“This is Me Too without any Me Too,” he said.

Amber Heard holds a handkerchief to her face
Amber Heard holds a handkerchief to her face earlier in the trial (Credit: Sky News YouTube)

Amber Heard lawyer on Johnny Depp

Ben Rottenborn, lawyer for Ms Heard, asked jurors to reflect on what the implications of the argument of ‘pictures weren’t taken’ are for victims of domestic abuse.

He also suggested Mr Depp’s lawyers were trying to “fool” the jury.

Mr Rottenborn continued: “Amber’s not perfect, none of us are. She’s never pretended to be. And that’s not what you’re being asked to decide.

“One time, ladies and gentleman. One time. If he abused her one time, Amber wins. Actually, if he fails to prove that he never abused her one time, Amber wins.”

The lawyer also considered texts between Mr Depp and fellow actor Paul Bettany.

He also accused Mr Depp of “laughing and making snide remarks” in court as the jury was shown a video of the actor “assaulting cabinets”.

Johnny Depp looks down as Amber Heard lawyer makes his closing argument
Mr Rottenborn accused Johnny Depp of ‘laughing and smirking’ (Credit: Twitter @LawCrimeNetwork)

‘Laughing and making snide remarks’

Filmed by Ms Heard in 2016, the video showed Mr Depp storming around kitchen and slamming cupboard doors.

Mr Depp’s attorneys have previously asserted Ms Heard was “laughing” and “smirking” at the end of the clip.

But Mr Rottenborn denied this, before going on: “Mr Depp in this courtroom right now is laughing and making snide remarks as that video is being played. But it’s not a laughing matter.”

Johnny Depp looks up as Amber Heard lawyer makes his closing argument
Johnny Depp looks up (Credit: Twitter @LawCrimeNetwork)

The mention caused the Edward Scissorhands star, seated only a few feet away, to raise his head before looking to the side, as if surprised.

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The actor said last month, when the video was presented to the jury for the first time: “I did assault a couple of cabinets but didn’t assault Ms Heard.”

“I did not try to intimidate Ms Heard. If she was intimidated, why was she filming? If she was scared to death, why didn’t she leave?”

The jury now faces hours of deliberation.

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