John Torode tells off fellow chef for unhygienic behaviour on TV

This was unacceptable - and unpalatable!

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It’s the sort of behaviour we’d expect from a student (sorry, students!) on an episode of Come Dine With Me.

Definitely not a habit we’d expect to see from a professional chef – and certainly not on a live TV show.

But Lisa Allen was caught out good and proper on this morning’s Saturday Kitchen DOUBLE DIPPING.

Yes, as she was preparing a sauce on the hob, she shoved a spoon in to taste it – and then she went to put the same uncleaned spoon back into the pan.

Fortunately John spotted her and gave her a stern ticking off.

“No, don’t do that! Get a fresh spoon you double dipper,” he scolded.

Lisa then scurried to the sink to rinse the spoon, while John had a mini rant about the chefs who “double dip” on Masterchef.

“You’re like all these people on Masterchef, the double dippers,” he moaned.

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“They come in and you watch them as they taste it and put it back in.”


Viewers were similarly appalled by the unhygienic Miss.

One told Twitter: “Executive chef just double dipped on #SaturdayKitchen. That gives me little faith. Disgusting #DoubleDip”

Another wrote: “Eeugh, I wonder just how many chefs double dip.

“Also wonder how many wash their hands & their herbs? ? #SaturdayKitchen”

A third posted: “Do all the double dipping top chefs do that it in their own restaurants when no to cameras? Yuck! #saturdaykitchen”

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It’s certainly enough to make anyone who’s even slightly anxious about eating out reach for their pans at home. (Yeah, we do mean us!)

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