John McCririck looks unrecognisable after bizarre makeover

The horse pundit has a MAN-BUN!

John McCririck is known for his distinctive style and of course presenting Channel 4 racing.

But fans were left gobsmacked when he received a makeover – or make-under as some would call it – as part of Channel 5’s 100% Hotter.

The horse-racing pundit told the team that he wanted a “new look, something practical and convenient”.

Once the crew had worked their magic, John had ditched his trademark Fez for a charming white boater.

He was dressed in white from head-to-toe, which viewers said he looked more like a Backstreet Boy afterwards.

It gets worse…

He then took his hat off and you he was sporting a man-bun!

Yep, you read that right!

Speaking to the hosts after seeing his new look, John said: “It’s definitely different. I wouldn’t say I love it, but its different.

“You did the best you could – for all your training I bet you never thought you’d have a patient like me. I like the material, but I need bigger pockets.”

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Daniel Palmer, the image consultant, then said: “I was very restricted with what I could do with your hair, no scissors, no cutting, no touching.”

He added: “I tried to give you a nice Easy London hipster look, sleek… a little bun at the back.

“I feel like we’ve achieved a lot. I wanted to cut everything off.”

However, those watching at home were not keen, claiming he looked like a wannabe gangster.

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One wrote on Twitter: ” So they’ve dressed him like P Diddy, plaited his sidies, and scrawled on some fake orange brows… looks like a bad waxwork.”

Others were more focused on John’s slimmed-down figure, writing: “Big Mac needs to tell us how he’s lost so much weight.”