John Barrowman reveals he was fired from US soap for being gay!

He defied bosses and lost his job!

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John Barrowman has sensationally revealed that he was once fired from a TV drama because he wouldn’t keep quiet about being gay!

As if he ever could!

Speaking on Loose Women, gobby viewer favourite John explained that producers of a glossy US soap had taken him to one side and told him to make a choice about being out.

He told the panel: “The producers pulled me into the office and sat me down – one was gay – and said they didn’t want me to talk about my boyfriend at the time, Scott, who I eventually married.

“In a nutshell, they asked me to go back into the closet, and I went back to Scott and said, ‘I can’t do that’.

“For years I’d wanted to be myself and hid being gay for a period of time, and been bullied for certain things, so I said no and I just lived my life.

“My character was written out of the TV show, and sent of to South America to get a facelift and came back as somebody else but the show was cancelled, so…”

It has since emerged that the show he was talking about was the shortlived soap Central Park West which was by the makers of Beverly Hills 90210 and Melrose Place.

In the trashy romp, John played high-powered attorney Peter Fairchild on Central Park West, the stepson of a wealthy editor of a trendy New York-based fashion magazine.

Sadly, in spite of the series also starring Dallas beauty Linda Gray and Lauren Hutton,  the CBS show was cancelled after just a year.