Joey Essex steals nativity part from a six-year-old!

He's trying to learn about the true meaning of Christmas...

Former TOWIE star Joey Essex has took to the stage and taken the role from a six-year-old in the process.

The child is said to be “fuming” when he was shunned for the role of Joseph on his school nativity, in favour of the reality TV star.

The youngster was relegated to playing a sheep and all the drama will be revealed during Joey’s new ITV2 show, Educating Joey Essex: What You Sleighing?

The reality show follows Joey to ‘Santa School’, before he tries to discover the ‘true’ meaning of Christmas.

He is then dispatched to Lapland to meet the big man himself, Father Christmas.

Joey told The Sun’s Bizarre: “In the show I do a nativity and went back to my old school where I did my last nativity when I was six.

“I did it with a bunch of six year olds. It went pretty well.

“I basically dress up as Joseph. I get the starring role. It’s unbelievable.

“I wouldn’t say I did it perfect the whole role. I learned some lines as well which was pretty hard.

“It was confusing man. But I got through it. Everyone was laughing.”

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But one of the pupils was side lined for the school’s special guest.

Joey added: “He was fuming, the little boy was so fuming. He kept saying to me you’ve taken my role.

“The kid was still in it… just not Joseph. He was like a sheep.

“But they got to do it again.”

When Joey went off to meet Santa, it is fair to say that they weren’t on the same level when it comes a sense of humour.

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Joey added: “I went to Lapland and met Santa. I’ve just found out, I don’t think Santa likes me.

“I don’t know if they’ll put it in the show. I got my little camera out, I think he thought that I was taking the p**s or something.

“I had a selfie camera saying, hi guys. And he was like, ‘One day someone will laugh at your jokes…’

“I think he got a bit aggy with me. I can’t believe it.

“Maybe because it’s coming up to Christmas it’s a stressful time for Santa.”

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