Joey Essex

Joey Essex dumped by model girlfriend after partying with Rita Ora

The former TOWIE star is single again

Joey Essex was dumped by his girlfriend after he went partying with Rita Ora and her pals for 24 hours.

Joey Essex
Joey Essex recently enjoyed a party session with Rita Ora (Credit: Splash)

Lorena Medina, 28, has revealed that Joey’s decision to go to an afterparty at Rita’s home in West London, at 4am on March 6 was the final straw in their deteriorating relationship.

And, although there is no suggestion he cheated on her, Lorena ended the relationship.

She told The Sun on Sunday: “He was the love of my life. I was ready to have children with Joey. We talked about marriage almost every day.

rita ora
 Joey Essex and Rita Ora are just pals (Credit: ITV)

“We were both crazy and passionate. I fell in love with him and moved to England. It was the craziest thing I have ever done.”

However, Lorena said they started having problems in February when they took a romantic trip to Turkey together for Valentine’s Day.

But Joey, 29, got upset after she performed a lap dance for him.

She explained: “We were a little drunk and I did a little five-second lap dance for him. He got very upset.

Not wife material?

“He said, ‘Why would you do that? The woman I marry would not do that.’

“I told him, ‘I’m dancing for you, you’re my man. We’re having fun’. Then I said, ‘My ex-boyfriends would have been like, ‘Wow, that’s so hot.’ He got mad.

Joey Essex Lorena Melinda
Joey and Lorena split over the phone (Credit: Splash)

“He said: ‘You know what, get back with them.’ The worst thing is I’m pretty sure he was going to propose.”

Lorena revealed that she is convinced Joey was set to pop the question that night because he had arranged for a photographer to be there and his best friend was also due to arrive.

However, the couple then decided that Lorena would return to LA to resume her Playboy modelling career but that their relationship would continue.

Huge fight

But Lorena says Joey’s night out with Rita and her pals was the final straw and they agreed to end their relationship after a huge fight on the phone.

She explained: “We were crying, screaming and hanging up the phone so much I got eczema all over my body.

“We said goodbye and agreed we were hurting each other too much and that it was time to end it and I haven’t spoken to him since.”