joe wicks mental health

Joe Wicks says he is struggling with his mental health amid new lockdown rules

The Body Coach says he is really struggling at the moment

Joe Wicks said he is “really struggling” with his mental health.

The Body Coach became the nation’s PE teacher during the coronavirus lockdown with his free ‘PE with Joe’ YouTube sessions.

He took to Instagram to share his thoughts after Prime Minister Boris Johnson revealed the government’s latest COVID-19 restrictions.

Joe admitted the effect the pandemic is having is ‘bringing [him] down’, but he hoped by speaking out he will be able to help others.

joe wicks mental health
Joe Wicks with his wife Rosie Jones (Credit:

What did Joe Wicks say about his mental health?

In a video captioned Struggling with my Mental health: You are not alone, he said: “I’m hoping that by sharing how I’m feeling and struggling, really struggling, there could be someone out there right now who is feeling the same and I want you to know that’s OK.

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“I’ve just finished watching the press conference with Boris Johnson around the new COVID restrictions.

“Now this is really starting to take effect on my mental health, it’s bringing me down. I’m finding it confusing, I can’t comprehend where the end is.

boris johnson lockdown
Joe Wicks stressed by Boris Johnson’s announcements (Credit:

“I’m finding it hard to be optimistic. That feeling of powerlessness, confusion, it’s a hard feeling to deal with.

“With the realisation that this isn’t just going to go away tomorrow, it’s really getting me down.”

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Meanwhile, the 33-year-old fitness guru admitted “more than anything” he liked being around his friends and family.

He’s finding it tough to motivate himself to film workouts in the current climate.

Joe Wicks opens up about family

He added: “The one thing I love more than anything is being connected with community.

“With my mum, my dad, my grandparents, my family and friends. I love being around people.

Joe Wicks says he is struggling to stay on top of his fitness

“This is disconnecting me from my work colleagues. I understand why but it doesn’t make it any easier.

“I’m personally getting sensitive about other people. When I start thinking about all the people that are going to be affected. Knowing that small businesses are going to go under.

“I’m finding it very hard to be motivated to film workouts and do anything.”

Last month, Joe admitted he felt “lost and confused” without his daily PE lessons.

Then he said on his Instagram: “I’m halfway through my workout, I can’t explain how much better I feel emotionally and mentally. I’ve been having a flat few days. I was thinking about ‘PE with Joe’ and the whole impact of what that was doing.

“I had so much purpose – I was driven and focused and I knew what I was doing – making people feel good.

“That’s when I’m at my happiest. Now that’s gone I feel confused and lost, but I know I’m going to regain my energy and get myself into a positive mindset.”

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