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Joe Wicks’ online workouts to return just in time for second lockdown

Are you ready for Wake Up With Joe?

Joe Wicks says he will resume his YouTube workouts throughout the second national lockdown.

The personal trainer and author, 34, says his new program will be called Wake Up With Joe.

Taking to social media, he shared his new plans across his digital accounts.

Previously Joe had released daily PE sessions via YouTube, the majority of which were streamed live.

However, he says this time around he will be releasing pre-recorded exercise sessions.

joe wicks workouts
Joe Wicks first lockdown workouts were completed by thousands of Brits (Credit: SplashNews)

When are Joe Wicks new workouts available?

He explains: “Guess who’s back with “Wake Up With Joe”.

“I promised if we went back into a lockdown I would be here to help you get through it and I’m now committing to filming and sharing 3 new workouts a week until lockdown is over how ever long that takes.

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“They will go live Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 6am on my YouTube channel starting on Mon 9th.

“This will not be LIVE workouts but pre-recorded short 15-minute energy and mood boosting workouts to help you stay fit and find some positivity, energy and help with your mental health.

“You can then choose to do the workouts at a time which suits you. I need this just as much as you.

joe wicks and wife rosie
Joe with his wife Rosie (Credit: SplashNews)

What has Joe Wicks said about mental health?

“Our mental health is suffering but we can get through this lockdown together and come out stronger both physically and mentally.”

The married dad-of-two has previously spoken of suffering with mental health himself during the first lockdown.

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While back in September he said he was ‘really struggling’ to stay positive.

Taking to Instagram, he shared in a video: “I’m hoping that by sharing how I’m feeling and struggling, really struggling, there could be someone out there right now who is feeling the same and I want you to know that’s OK.

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“I’ve just finished watching the press conference with Boris Johnson around the new Covid restrictions. Now this is really starting to take effect on my mental health, it’s bringing me down. I’m finding it confusing, I can’t comprehend where the end is.

“I’m finding it hard to be optimistic. That feeling of powerlessness, confusion, it’s a hard feeling to deal with. With the realisation that this isn’t just going to go away tomorrow, it’s really getting me down.

“The one thing I love more than anything is being connected with community. My mum, my dad, my grandparents, my family and friends, I love being around people. This is disconnecting me from my work colleagues. I understand why but it doesn’t make it any easier.

“I’m personally getting sensitive about other people. When I start thinking about all the people that are going to be affected. Knowing that small businesses are going to go under.

“I’m finding it very hard to be motivated to film workouts and do anything.”

Finally, he encouraged viewers to reach out to friends and family if they needed help.

And urged them to stay on top of their fitness to boost their energy and mental health.

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