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Joe Swash reveals why he ‘resented’ Stacey Solomon after Rex was born

He opened up on her podcast

TV’s Joe Swash has opened up about struggling after Rex was born and admitted there were times he “resented” his girlfriend, Stacey Solomon.

The former I’m A Celebrity Extra Camp host, 37, featured on the latest episode of Stacey’s podcast, Here We Go Again, and addressed feeling pushed aside when the tot arrived.

Joe Swash
Joe found it “really difficult” after Rex was born (Credit: Alucard /

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“This is the podcast I was most nervous about doing,” Stacey admitted at the beginning of the podcast.

Joe joked: “The one with me? Because you’re worried about the truth coming out. You’re worried about this Stacey Solomon image being popped and people realising that you are, you know, hard work.

“When you want to be, you can be really difficult.”

Joe Swash and Stacey Solomon
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The Loose Women panellist replied: “I know that, at the beginning, straight after having Rex, that you definitely felt a little bit pushed out. And I did go a little bit… I’m not going to say ‘crazy’, I’m going to say ‘warranted’. I went ‘lioness’. It was all necessary. At least, I believed it was necessary at the time.

“It was imperative for me, at that point. After I had Rex I felt like… because he was a little bit early and he was tiny, and he struggled to feed, I just didn’t want anything to harm him. And this overwhelming sense of needing to protect him just took over my life.

There were times when I resented you, slighted, because I just wanted to get near him.

“What that meant was, nobody was allowed near him – including you. And that wasn’t anything against you, I just struggled. I didn’t want anyone kissing him, I didn’t want any germs near him.”

She added: “I can imagine, as his father, it must have been really difficult.”

“I’m not going to lie, I did have to bite my tongue quite a lot. Because, you know, every urge and every feeling you get about Rex as his mum – being a lioness, wanting to protect him – as a dad, I get those exact feelings.

“I did struggle. I knew why you were doing it. You had just given birth, you were carrying Rex for nine months, but I did find it really difficult.

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“And there were times when I resented you, slighted, because I just wanted to get near him and do what you were doing with him.”

Stacey explained: “It’s funny because I knew you resented me. Every time you touched him or kissed him and [I said something], I could hear myself out loud and I almost had an out-of-body experience every time where I looked at myself and thought, ‘Why am I doing that?'”

It follows an emotional episode of Stacey’s podcast in which she broke down as she talked about struggling to look after her third child.

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