Jodie Marsh calls police after getting mysterious package in post

She had every right to be worried

Jodie Marsh had to call the police over the weekend after being sent a “weird looking parcel” in the post.

Not wanting to open it up on her own, she got her neighbours to help as she was worried.

Jodie was concerned when she received the package (Credit: Instagram)

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In the large white package was a bag of “very strong” cannabis so she had reason to be sceptical.

Taking to Twitter to make it public because she didn’t want to risk being arrested in possession of the drug, she wrote: “This week I got sent a weird looking parcel in the post to my HOME address. I got my neighbours to help me open it as it looked creepy”.

The 38-year-old glamour model then shared photos of the drugs, and wrote: “Inside was “very strong skunk”. I don’t do drugs, never have & am VERY anti drugs; but you can’t mistake that smell”.

She then added: “I’ve no clue who sent it to me or why but I have informed the police who are coming to collect it (not even sure I should let them come).

“I am making this public because I don’t trust Essex Police & after being arrested for texting my own husband, who knows what they’ll do.”

The TV star was referring to when she was arrested last Autumn and charged with harassment after an argument with estranged husband James Placido.

After the charges were dropped, she wrote: “So now you know folks; if your partner owes you large sums of money, don’t text them more than twice as it’s classed as ‘harassment’.”

Jodie found herself in trouble with the law last year (Credit: Instagram)

Continuing to explain how she has witnesses to the parcel being opened, she wrote: “I have witnesses to this parcel being delivered & also being opened, including the postman, my parents, my neighbours & friends.

“Whoever sent it: I don’t know what you were thinking but please don’t do it again.

“Anyone who knows me knows that I have been anti drugs my whole life & would not see this is as a welcome delivery.

“I’m only making this public in case the police try to arrest me for possession or something stupid. Like I said, I don’t trust them.”

James Placido and Jodie got married in August 2015 but separated in April 2016 (Credit: Instagram)

A few hours later, she shared some good news to her 614,000 followers:  “Update on the package of drugs delivered to me: my parents took it into the police station for me rather than allowing officers to collect.

“… the female police officer who dealt with my parents was lovely & kind & sensible and we are assured this will be dealt with properly x x”.

The Page 3 model has had a rough few weeks after losing her pet dog Louie.

She had only recently uploaded a video filmed by her mum of the star giving Louie CPR after he collapsed and stopped breathing, but he sadly passed away last Wednesday.

Jodie knew she didn’t have long with him, shared a heartbreaking message on Facebook.

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We hope she stays strong during this emotional time.