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Sunday 24th May 2020

Jim Davidson shocks viewers with boasts about women on Piers Morgan's Life Stories

He claims to have had quite an eventful past

Jim Davidson left some viewers open-mouthed after his comments about his past conquests with women on Piers Morgan’s Life Stories.

The Marmite comedian joked that he gave legendary swordsman Bill Wyman a run for his money, suggesting he'd bedded upwards of a thousand ladies during his younger days.

Jim's comments about women left viewers distinctly unimpressed (Credit: ITV)

Referring to womanising being one of the perks of his job, Jim even claimed to have slept with nine women in one night.

He told Piers that all of them turned up to his boutique hotel in London, so they pretended they were a hockey team, on a publicity mission.

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"The reception rang and said there are nine women downstairs and my friend said, oh yes, that’s the hockey team who are here to meet Mr Davidson for photographs," he recalled.

"Some hockey team that was."

Some viewers found his comments in poor taste... and told Twitter as much:

Nothing more cringe than an old [expletive] recounting stories of his youth smugly while his kids sit mortified in the audience.

"Vile," wrote one viewer added: "He still thinks his lifestyle was something to be proud of."

Jim discussed his entire career on the show with Piers (Credit: ITV)

"Why are ITV giving this [expletive] airtime," said a second.

"He wasn’t funny back then, same old routine, Jim Davidson still not funny."

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"Nothing more cringe than an old [expletive] recounting stories of his youth smugly while his kids sit mortified in the audience. He really thinks he’s something eh?"

However, some fans felt that Jim's interview - which also revealed a charitable side that he doesn't publicly boast about - was great.

One fan wrote: "What a great interview and insight into your life Jim don't ever change will ya."

Another added: "What a top bloke. I’ve always been a fan but the interview just proved despite everything he’s a human with the same sort of frailties that every average Joe has."

Jim himself seemed happy with the interview, thanking followers for their comments in a tweet.

ED! has contacted his rep for further comment.

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